There are so many coaches today and the number is expected to increase in the coming years. However, going beyond the hype and being at the top of your game is a different ball game altogether.

In my experience, I have come to realize that there are two sets of coaches.

There are the average coaches, who are busy being generic in their approach to coaching and hence making minimal or no impact.

Then there are the exceptional, successful, or world-class coaches (whichever one you prefer). These ones are always on top of their game, getting amazing results for their clients, while sticking to their uniqueness.

In my query, I discovered that these world-class coaches share certain traits in common, which most average coaches don’t have.

Out of so many, I tried to distill them into four essential habits.

1. They are Positive

World-Class Coaches

You know, one of the questions I always ask myself when faced with a challenge is this: what’s the worst that can happen? This helps me prepare myself in case things don’t go as planned.

As a coach, there are so many things that go on in your mind – How to make your coaching program great, how to get more and consistent clients, how to serve your clients better and ensure they get results, and so on. These thoughts can be so overwhelming that you are tempted to focus on the negatives.

To be a world class coach, you must believe in yourself and your abilities to deliver great results. You have to see yourself as being able to take on any challenge and find a working solution for it.

Every time negative thoughts begin to build up in your mind, don’t get overwhelmed by it. Tell yourself that all you need to fix this is right within you.

Does it mean world-class coaches don’t experience setbacks? Hell no! They have canisters of these experiences. However, they have developed such a positive mindset that they always find ways to surmount them.

Being positively minded entails you take responsibility for your business. Maybe, you are having difficulties getting high ticket clients through the door. The negative-minded coach will begin to blame it on the competition or other external factors. However, the positively minded coach will look at his processes and try to identify what he is not doing right. He won’t stop till he finds it and gets it working.

World-class coaches, as a result of their positive mindset, do not quit easily. They continue to tweak and fix until they get it right. If they put in all they can and it isn’t working, they move on and use their energy in more positive pursuits.

A positive mindset keeps you in the game, even when the sky is falling down. It gives you the drive to keep pushing until you make the best out of your coaching business.

2. They Dare to be Different

World-Class Coaches

One of the diseases that have plagued the coaching industry is almost every coach doing the same things. Putting out the same old, regurgitated content – nothing new and outstanding. They offer the same kind of service, the same kind of marketing strategy, the same kind of Ad, the same kind of everything! It is worrisome. This is the reason most coaches are struggling and just about a few are excelling.

World-class coaches don’t do what every other person is doing. They creatively bring a unique idea that targets a unique need and build on it. They may have difficulties at the beginning, but they are undeterred because they are positive that their unique proposition has the capability to solve a unique problem.

It is true that there are generic needs that coaches have been solving, and are still solving. However, those niches are already filled up. There are needs springing up in your market, search them out and create a solution for it. If you are the only one that has the solution to a specific problem, your name will spread like wildfire. You will be in high demand.

Another aspect of being different is maintaining your focus – not comparing yourself to other coaches. They may look successful because they are playing on their own turf. Even if you haven’t attained their “supposed” success level, it should not bother you.

You have to focus on your unique strength and work on it to become world-class in that area. Don’t waste the energy you ought to channel into making your unique program better on needless comparisons. Even, if you compare and discover you are “somewhat” better than the competition, you might fall into the danger of feeling you’ve “arrived”. You begin to see no need to improve on yourself. That’s not how world-class coaches behave.

Don’t compare yourself to the competition, except you don’t have a unique program that is different from theirs.  Focus on skills and tasks that will keep you on top of your game.

3. They Lead, and Not Manage Their Clients

World-Class Coaches

I am a firm advocate that coaches should show good examples to their clients. World-class coaches walk the talk. They exhibit some level of influence on their clients.

Yes, when clients come to you, they need you to help them solve particular problems. Some of them come on the premise that the solutions you proffer are what you apply in your own life or business and you’re getting results with them. For instance, a fitness coach with a great body can easily convince a client that his solution works because he looks fit and is in great shape.

Average coaches manage their clients, but world-class coaches lead their clients.

What’s the difference?

When you manage your clients, you are only concerned with reeling out a textbook of steps or strategies that will get results for them. You spend time making sure they understand every single step. And then, you send them forth to implement the steps. That’s not just old school, it’s mediocre.

When you lead your clients, you don’t just hand them a manual of steps and strategies, you show them how to implement them. You provide a support system that guides them in implementing the strategies. The only reason you can do it is that you have implemented those strategies yourself and have seen them work for you. So, it’s easy to hold their hands and lead them up to the point where they get their desired result.

So, while an average coach says “Go”, a world-class coach says “Let’s Go”.

4. They Enrich Their Minds

World-Class Coaches

The power of innovation is in the mind. There’s just about no innovation that has taken place over time that is not an offshoot of imaginative thinking. When you imagine the possibility of something coming to existence, it fuels your drive to see it happen.

World class coaches are innovative! This is because they make efforts to enrich their minds. They fill their minds with relevant information that creates innovative thoughts in their mind. They look for ways to be better at what they do at all times.

Telling you that reading is one of the most efficient ways of enriching the mind will be stating the obvious. As obvious as this is, it is very difficult to implement. Most coaches are so busy that they don’t have time to read as much as they should.

There are new and better ways of doing what you are doing now and they are usually contained in books. Get books that have relevant information about your field and consume them without mercy. That is the ideal food for the mind.

Additionally, attend seminars and conferences where innovative ideas are being shared. It gives you the opportunity to interact and be at pace with the latest trend in your target market. Also try following the best of the best in your field. Pick ideas from them and apply them in your business. You will surely find yourself at the top.

Constant improvement is the heartbeat of world-class coaches. This is only possible when the mind is so filled up that is excretes innovative ideas.

Don’t be Titillated…Be inspired and Take Action!

As earlier stated, there are two sets of coaches; the average coach and the world-class coach. The sad thing is that the average coaches outnumber the world class coaches. This is because most coaches are busy copying one another, while just a few are creating unique and innovative solutions for their clients.

You need to intentionally take yourself from being average to being world-class by applying the things I have mentioned above in your everyday coaching life. You, of all people, know that nothing gets done till action is taken.

See you at the top!

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