Do people come to you a lot to help them solve a major pressing need?

Or you dream of serving people in a bigger way with your skill?

Do you show up at the last minute to save a really messy situation and you do it all for free?

It doesn’t have to be!

If you have a skill or experience in a particular area that has the ability to change people’s lives for the better- you can build a 7 figure business around it. You do not need to have all the business managing skills in the world…..

A sure way to fail in a business is to seek for all the trainings or perfection before you launch. Your smartness or imperfection is irrelevant to building a 7 figure business. If you can create solutions to a pressing need, you can build a business around it.

For instance, you know how to save someone going through a messy divorce in the simplest way, saving those pains, time and money- you can expand it to reach more people and build a 7 figure business around it.

Many service based providers can launch a business, but not all can take it up to a million dollar level.

You may ask; how do I know this? I do because I have done it, got great results and still getting!

Strap your boots and get the same results by applying my realistic pro-tips below to build your 7 figure business!

1. Know Who You Serve And The Output You Help Them Get

Build a 7-Figure Business

Having a client avatar and identifying your market is very important in building a 7 figure business. Even small businesses will compete favorably with big brands if they can identify and master how to get the perfect clients.

It doesn’t mean that you exclude others, but it helps you focus your resources on clients more likely to patronize you. If you don’t know who you serve and how you can serve them, how do you get results? It is indeed important to know your ideal clients and what you help them with.

At clients’ oasis, our ideal client is the one who owns a service-based business- a coach, consultant, a realtor, etc. Someone who works directly with clients.

We help them get all the clients they need at the right price. This is how we serve our clients.

The smartest thing to do is to look at your client base. Who are they and why do they come to you?  What area of your skills do you get approached for the most?

This will help you leverage on the areas that you can render the most help and get more financially rewarded.

Review what output your service helps your clients get most of the time. How does my service sincerely benefit the people who come to me? Once you can establish that, survey the section of the market that will need that particular benefit.

Narrow it down by targeting the right demographics and psychographics that will benefit the most from this skill. This way, you would have known your ideal clients, the output they will get and put your best foot forward!

Remember! You skill should be highly refined and result oriented.

As such, we will have you know that you can charge rake in between $ 5,000-$15,000 per client for helping them solve a major life problem.

Take for instance, you can help someone who is fat and obese lose all the fat, get back in shape, restore their confidence and give them their lives back. You can charge between $15,000-$25,000.

If you can help a business drowning and about to close shop recover real fast, you can charge between $5,000-$15,000.

If you can help someone going through a hasty divorce smoothly or saving them entirely from it without them getting damaged or ripped off in the process- a cool $5,000-$15,000 is your charge!

This way, you can scale up to hundreds monthly and this is a serious income for your business.

2. Help Them In Advance

How to get clients for your business is never the problem. But when you know who to help, help them in advance- even before they pay for it. If you want people to give you their money and lots of it, help them even before they have to ask for it.

We understand that giving out resources for free doesn’t sound great. We feel you, but it is a no brainer strategy to help prospective clients with your services in advance. This gets them safely in the door, with bulky wads of financial reward in the long run.

Say, you are a fitness coach, give prospective clients few free tips on what food to consume more or a great basic physical exercise for weight-loss routine.

This gives prospects an insight into your competence level. Once they start seeing slight desirable changes, they are sold on what you can do. They understand that paying more will gain them access into classified and valuable information- more than what they knew they even needed, for continual and improved results.

We help our prospective clients in advance by giving them insights and teaching them stuff they don’t know. When people realize that you have the superpowers to help them, they will be willing to give you more money, so they can get more results.

Give prospective clients a little portion of the pudding and if it tastes great, they’d beat down paths to your door for the whole pot- fees in hand! This also establishes you in the process, as an authority and practical expert in your market.

How then do you help the person who needs your help in advance?

The most effective ways- our ways, are through webinars and online training workshops…. For free!

Most people say, they give free consultations and what not, but that’s a waste of everyone’s time. They devour all your content and go their way.

The most effective way to help people is through a webinar, after which you can have them apply to talk to you.

3. Have Them Apply To Talk To You 

Build a 7-Figure Business

In our business, we help our ideal clients get results in 6 steps. However, we have distilled these 6 steps further into 3 steps. The three steps are

  • An advertisement,
  • A webinar and
  • A phone call.

These steps are simple, but not easy.

After the webinar, you have them apply to talk to you in person.  When you get on the phone with them, your work is to know if you are a fit. If you can help them, sign them up as clients and if you can’t- point them to who can if you have the resources or part ways as friends. The upside is that, when they find someone who is in need of your services, they’d point them in your direction.

For them to get on the phone with you at all, you must deliver something impactful to them on the webinar. By the time they get on the phone, your work is cut in half.  You don’t have to sell to them, but find out if you can be of help to them.

 The call is mainly about your prospective clients and not you, so talk less. Try to know more about their business and get an indepth analysis into how you can help them… Ask for areas directly related to your business.

When you get this knowledge, your pitch should be short! Harp on their challenges, personalize your skills, services and solutions to the prospective client’s need. Do not sweet talk, rather provide practical and feasible solutions.

Do not be the first person to mention money or a fee. A client who is interested in working with you will mention it first. Most times, it’s the second question and once they do, state your full worth!

When you land your first, second and third clients through these steps, you can scale it up to hundreds and thousands, depending on your level of ambition.

At clients’ oasis, we help coaches, consultants and service-based business owners get on the clients they want….. And we are scaling it up to thousands and tens of thousands, because we are on a mission to change the world positively with our company.


The word impossible is nothing when you have the skills and the right steps with which to apply these skills. You can land new clients and build that 7 figure business you dream of, of course, with some help. Only follow realistic steps- such which we have shown you above and see tremendous results!

To build 7 figure business successfully, there is a practical and simple 3-step funnel workshop here to help you. And if you need our support in implementing it, schedule a breakthrough call with one of our business strategists here. or use the button below to schedule your call.