Have you ever felt this way, especially when you have to make a decision in your personal life and business? How often and did you take note of it and did it linger? Or you simply graded it as nothing. A simple feeling or figment of your imagination, which will wear off in days, only to get a rude awakening!

Days, weeks or months later, the results come calling, and you wished you had acted upon that feeling you got. That was your gut feeling, your intuition coming to your rescue. And according to the ICF, the gut intuition is a key element in coaching, which helps you create new and stronger awareness in business.

Intuition is seeing with the soul.― Dean Koontz

Coaches and service business owners have mastered the act to support, empathize, encourage and stay non-judgmental. This is great as it could get your client to relax around you, but there is more. The gut intuition is a powerful coaching tool which helps create thoughtful breakthroughs as conversation with a client deepens.

You see and feel beyond the situation before you, because our minds and thoughts are persistent elements. Your intuition is not borne out of magic, but an important decision-making tool that can be learnt by anyone.

According to C. JoyBell C, our bodies have five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. But not to be overlooked are the senses of our souls: intuition, peace, foresight, trust, empathy. The differences between people lie in their use of these senses; most people don’t know anything about the inner senses while a few people rely on them just as they rely on their physical senses, and in fact probably even more.

The question now is, “how do you utilize your gut instinct in making the right decisions” as a coach, consultant, or professional service business owner?

Below are ways in which you can utilize your intuitions for better decision making…

1. Zone out The Distractions

There are noises you get in your head when you have to make a decision about a client or business move. These noises, often times are multiple thoughts running through your head. These thoughts will adulterate and interfere with your gut intuition. And if you don’t clear them, you will be making decisions from your head and not your mind.

Trust yourself and give credence to your intuition, regardless of how uncomfortable it might be. Zone out from that area that feeds your mind with multiple options. Do whatever it takes to relax and clear your mind of distractions. Go into a situation with the “tabula rasa” state of mind (that is a blank slate or an open mind) and be in tune to your energies.

Your gut intuition only takes center stage when your mind is void of distractions. Clear out your mind, relax and zone off the noise, sounds and whisper in your head. This will give you a clearer feel of your gut instincts.

2. Be Attentive To Strange Coincidences

In the words of Albert Einstein, coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. Now, we can either decide to prove or disprove this. But one fact we cannot deny is that, there is a huge element of truth in it. God will not come to earth to save you from a situation or directly give you a message about something. He drops patterns and coincidences which you have to act upon, match, and gain insights into.

Have you ever had a type of food that made your stomach run for days?

This happens every time you consume that particular food, but you ignore the coincidences because you love the food. You felt something else was the cause, because “nuts should never make your stomach run”. Until you drop one day due to body weakness and so much loss of electrolytes from stooling. You visit the hospital, a test is run and you are told that the nuts were the causative agents of your ill health.

This is something which could have never happened if you took note of the strange coincidences and acted on it. This applies in coaching and business too. There are decisions you make and something happens. It becomes consistent with every time you make a decision remotely similar in that business or with that client. Make a pause and take stock, watch your pattern or re-evaluate your activity with that client and in that business strategy.

Check the advices you give, scrutinize them over again to see where the bolt is loose. You will surely find it, because coincidences don’t just happen. Take it seriously; it is your gut intuition looking out for you. You know, there is this quote that says “heaven helps those who help themselves”. Another truth we can’t overlook.

3. Be In Tune with Your Physiological Signs

A research carried out by Voss and Paler rightly established that for every separate courses of action, you will get a distinct feeling for the right and wrong ones.

Let’s take for instance; you are walking on a lone path to a place you need to locate. You get to the end of the path and you’re faced with a triple pathway which was not included in the address you were given. You don’t have your phone on you and there is no one around for you to ask. I know that I’d stand at the edge of the triple pathway and begin a rhyme of “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” to ascertain which the right path is.

We have all been through that and we fight these battles every day. When you hit on the right path, there is this feeling of peace, lightness and relaxation that washes over you. This is your gut instinct and intuition in action. As such, you need to pay attention to your physiological signs when you are before a client or you need to make a business decision.

Consider the signs you receive for each step, each decision or every advice you have to give. What kind of vibrations do you get? Does the hair at your nape rise? Do you feel tensed at your shoulders, neck or back? Does your scalp itch, get tighter or relaxed? Do you feel your stomach pitting, rumbling or calm? Does your heart rate increase or stay normal? Do you feel stiffness or a shiver down your spine? Do you get a wave of relaxation, peace and tranquil wash over you?

These and more are physiological responses linked the how the brain scans information. Be attentive to these responses, note which is concurrent, the decisions you made by acting on them, and the outcome. This will guide you on how your intuition works. It helps you note the message pattern through which your brain and mind sends signals to you, when you are about to make a decision  ̶  and how effective these signals are.

4. Take Note and Assess Your Results

Taking notes and assessing results gotten from following your gut intuition will further build your trust, self-belief and confidence. You would understand what works for you and how often, and then you can bank on it to guide you.

Note how often your gut feelings show up and your reaction to them. Check out the outcome of acting on them or ignoring them. How accurate are the results you get from working with your gut intuition? Was your gut feeling right even when you ignored it. How consistent were the outcomes and what are the signs you get to establish that your gut feeling is at play.

A perfect understanding of this will help you believe in yourself and separate one feeling from another.


The place of common sense should never be overlooked. Not every feeling we get is as a result of the gut intuition. A lot of folks hide under the guise of gut feelings to shy away from being responsible or accountable about a thing.

When you get these feelings, endeavor to decipher if this is just a feeling of anxiety about something you are not comfortable doing at the moment… or your gut intuition actually giving you signals. Then, you can build on it.

Remember, zone out distractions, take note of strange coincidences, be grounded in your physiological signals, take notes, and assess outcomes. All these mentioned are sure ways to note and apply gut intuition in your coaching and business.

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