Are you aware that a lot of coaches and service business owners start great, really great? They go into the market with so much enthusiasm, but before long, they are lost in the crowd. This is because, although they have all the good stuff to help solve problems, they do not have the key strategies to remain successful.

With a massive rise in people seeking out guidance, the coaching industry grows rapidly and more opportunities created. However, studies have shown that only a handful of coaches in the industry reap the benefit of this growth. Key reason being that, most marketing strategies used by most of these coaches are either ineffective or broken. Whether you’re a coach, consultant or a service business owner, you need to have some effective strategies that will stand you out of the lot.

Coaching is no longer practiced by only coaches, but by business executives, managers and leaders that apply coaching in the workplace. The coaching industry has grown into a coaching continuum that includes internal and external coaching practitioners. One in which a person can have more than one specialty along the continuum. This is according to ICF and understudied by the PWC.

There is an estimate of 53,300 professional coach practitioners worldwide. Western Europe holds the largest share of 35%. North America follows closely with an estimated 33% share.

This also goes out to solopreneurs. Success goes way beyond having an excellent coaching skill set. You should have strategies put in place to manage your clients, cater to your business and stand out.

As a coach or service business owner, you need to make a clarified decision on your goals and objective. You also need to map out a path on how to achieve them and weed out what may hold you back. Clients are only drawn to people who are able to get them the results they seek.

Drawn from experiences of successfully training and working with other coaches, we’ve identified and will share with you, the key strategies to successful coaching.

Start By Working on You

For you to adequately understand how your clients feel, get a coach for yourself. Going through the process of learning from a coach will give you a personal and unique experience. You will get insights on how to deal with clients.

You will know their feelings and disposition at every turn, because you have been there. There will be personal and powerful success stories that you can share from your own experience. In other words, work the walk and get the taste of how it feels to be under a coach.

Secondly, it is an investment measure. Through a coach, you will get all the trainings and education that will boost your skill set and help you stand out. Regardless of how much experience you have, learning is a continuous process. It is important to always update, boost and refine your skills.

This is where our expertise lies at Clients Oasis. We have recorded and are still achieving huge successes as the “coaches’ coach”.

Go through trainings, workshops, conferences, seminars and take courses. Listen to webinars and   podcasts; read books, PDFs and posts of coaches who you look up to. Your ability to be well grounded and versatile is essential to your success.

Do not hesitate to schedule a call with us or ask for our support through this.

Go through all the processes that you expect your clients to go through and you will be better in tune with them.

In this line of work, you either go big or go home!

Leverage Your Strengths

In everyone, no matter how weak or lost, there’s a deposit of uniqueness and strength. The plan is to begin leveraging on your strength and uniqueness to distinguish you in your market. Now, there may be coaches and consultants who are very brilliant, as is your case. But you are not sure of what your strengths are or what makes you unique.

Involve your friends, colleagues and associates in the query. Ask clients and acquaintances whom you have worked with to tell you what they can. You can also start taking an inventory or making a list of your strengths or the things you do best. Do not leave out any area of your life whether professional, good, bad, excellent or basic personal experiences.

Check your accomplishments and under what conditions you made them. Check out those things you find yourself doing with ease even when it’s not convenient. Those are your strengths and what makes you unique. Write them down and begin to leverage on them in your business.

Your ability to be critically observant is strength.

A highly analytic mind is strength.

Ability to really listen for hours on end is strength.

Intuitiveness is strength.

Productive curiosity is strength.

The intrinsic ability to successfully negotiate is strength.

I could go on and on. In a market that is saturated with almost the same business type, find your strengths and leverage on it to stand out.

Build a Success Track and Tell Your Story

Build a success track capitalizing on your position or wherever you find yourself. Leverage on opportunities and exposure to start building your credibility, even if you have a booming practice already.

If you have staff, help them solve that pressing need, do the same with friends and associates. This helps you build a track record of success. You create relationships, gain mastery of your specialties and the people you helped will do the marketing for you through recommendations.

At this time, you know your strengths and leveraged on it. Use it to craft your story on why you are unique and why clients should work with you. It is a competitive market out there, so you have to tell your story the way you want the world to hear it. It has to be captivating, appealing, personal, brief and informative yet compelling. Tell it in a way that will highlight your strength. Show your flaws, but mention the progress you have made to right them.

Once this is done, spread it across all your communication channels like; your website, videos, webinars etc. Tell it to everyone who cares to listen. Insert it in your presentation and training workshops. Have the presence of mind to keep your story consistent, but blended to suit different audiences.


One of the biggest challenges for business owners is the ability to delegate, so that they can focus on the one thing that matters- enrolling new clients and getting them fantastic results. Solopreneurs spend a huge part of their time coaching and getting new clients in the door. This leaves you with little or no time to run the management systems effectively.

Deciding to take up all aspects of the business is the easiest way to close shop. You try doing it all by yourself, but at the end of the day, there must be compromise of one for the other. You either do not get anything done, or you compromise on quality of coaching.

To run a well-oiled and effective system, hire the best where needed; like marketing, administration, graphics, InfoTech, content development, accounting, legal etc. Get them to do the work and put down an efficient framework which you can blend into with ease.

What’s more?

A successful coaching career is beyond having the best skills or saying all the right things. You have to put your house in order. It takes getting your hands on the job through hard work, staying committed and developing sleek strategies to topple the competition.

If you need us to help you implement these steps, we are only a call away. Schedule a free breakthrough call with us here!