A major aim of scaling up your business is not just to survive, but to thrive. The process of achieving this is somewhat of a daunting task. Hence, applying a result driven approach in scaling up your business is the mission for any service business owner who has been in business for a while.

It is normal to feel that your coaching techniques are unique, so, scaling up will be a very easy task. This may be true when compared to a lot of others in your market.

But what is the application process of your techniques like?

Do your techniques remain as unique as you thought during the application process?

Are they realistic and proven?

Have you taken time you unpack your techniques and analyze them?

Do they really have the potentials to scale up your business, if you continue with them?

You may have embraced coaching as a profession for all the right reasons. You want to provide solutions to peoples’ major needs, but have not the slightest clue on how to scale up your business. You want something bigger, but you still hold on to the same processes and steps.

This will get you nowhere, but keep you stuck where you are, time passes by and you become less relevant.

If this is your situation, it is time to dismantle your whole process and re-assess. When you knife down your process to tiny bits, you will see the relevance of each aspect and it becomes easy to define to yourself and others, your goals, missions and what you can do.

Doing the same thing over and again will get you the same results. A Chinese proverb defines madness as doing the same thing over and again, and expecting different results. Humans are dynamic; hence, if you want new results, try a new approach. These new approaches are strategies which include distilling, integration, creation, engagement, flexibility and uniqueness.

Drawn from a wealth of experience with scaling up our business, helping our clients do the same in their businesses, while studying various markets.  We have outlined the strategies below!

1. Define And Distill Your Steps

Defining and distilling the steps which you apply in helping your clients is an essential process in scaling up your business. If you fail to do this, you will carry around a bag of complex procedures, dishing them to your clients and seeing no results.

Arnab Mishra, President and COO of Transera says that “as a business grows and scales, the key dynamic that slows progress, and at the extreme, impairs a business, is the creeping effect of complexity.”

For you to scale up, you have to work through your entire complex process step by step. Unpack everything and dig right into them. Break all the complexities into 3 to 6 simple and applicable steps.

If you can do this, your clients will find your steps simpler and applicable.

When clients find that your steps are simple, well defined and practicable, they can find themselves and fit in with your objective. They will not struggle to keep up with your methods or get confused by them.

Everyone wants the simple way and will always opt for it. Simplicity in process, simplicity in marketing, simplicity in delivery. It doesn’t have to be easy, but simple and easy to understand. Your clients will gladly hop on and prospects will take action to get on board.

How beautiful would it be to be able to roll out your process in 3 to 6 distilled steps and shelve out the complexities?

For example, at Clients Oasis, we work with a 6 step plan which is;

  1. Getting you to know your numbers, this is how much you want to earn per month in your business, and the number of clients needed for this.
  2. Identifying who you help and how you help them.
  3. Helping your clients in advance on a webinar.
  4. Running targeted ads to the webinar through LinkedIn and Facebook.
  5. Having them schedule a call to talk to you.
  6. Finding out if you are a fit, and then close.

We removed the complexities and further distilled our process into a simple 3-step funnel which is;

  1. An ad
  2. A webinar
  3. A phone call.

This is how to define and distill your client coaching process into the most basic, but highly effective steps. Clients will know what they are getting into, instead of going on a blind ride. It also helps you to get your clients better results and saves you a lot more time. Making your program entirely effective and result driven. This makes it easier to scale your business and it also draws clients to you in huge numbers.

2. Integrate These Steps Into Your Communication Channels

Integrate your distilled steps into your web presence. These include your emails, social media pages, website, webinars etc. When a potential client visits any of communication channels, they are particular about three things.

  1. Do you identify and understand my problem?
  2. Can you solve my problem?
  3. How can you solve my problem?

These are three quick and practical questions that you haven’t got all day to answer.  Your ability to quickly and distinctly answer these questions dramatically increases your chances of converting a window shopper into a buyer. This is what integrating your distilled steps into all your communication channels does for you. They help you answer those questions in a heartbeat.

Another thing you should embrace is the use of images. Instead of saying what you do with so many words, use images that will appeal and seep into the subconscious of prospective clients, telling them what you do.

There is also the one-liner leverage power. This is telling potential clients how you can help, or integrating your steps into one sentence on all your communication channels.  This isn’t an easy task, but worth trying. Many people these days have a really short attention span. They don’t have the time to go through all your stories; they need you to get right to the point with as few words as possible. If you can capture their attention in the first few seconds, your work is half done.

This should be everywhere your presence is felt online, in your ads, landing pages, webinars, emails and throughout your website.

Prospective clients will be drawn to its simplicity. Clients will with one look realize how much they stand to benefit from working with you.

3. Create Valuable Content That Aligns With Your Steps

Relevant content gives prospects an insight into your wealth of experience and the value you deliver. Informative content centered on your methods breeds trust, and that is the first thing anyone looking to do business with you looks out for.

One of the major benefits of distilling your steps is that, it helps you develop content that meets the needs of your prospective client.

Breaking down your process into steps creates a parameter or let’s say themes around which you can build all your content. You can use these parameters to create podcasts, blog posts, PDFs, videos and any other materials you will give out to clients and prospects.

The 3 distilled and simple steps we use at Clients Oasis have made it easy for us to narrow down our content to the needs of our current clients and prospects.

Creating valuable content can also be used to assess your marketing methods. Prospects need to consume an average of 8 pieces of your content, before they are convinced to get on board with you. Now when all these 8 pieces of your content steadily aligns with your process, you have established trust and consistency.

Do not rule out the power of a good content, especially a spectacular content that is in sync with your processes. Content is a great emotional softener, especially when it’s consistent with your goals and relentlessly hits your prospects at the right spots.

Let’s paint a scenario;

A woman suffers from bad acne, stretch marks and black heads. She has tried every regimen she knows, yet no results. One morning, comes across a page on social media with a process that says “restoring the skin”.

She checks them out and finds creams that cure terrible acne, with testimonials. She checks further and sees one for black heads and another for stretch marks.

At this point she is hooked and keeps checking them out and she finds some more for skin rejuvenation, firmer and body polishers, all with testimonials. She has no choice than to seek them out and if they deliver on promises, she becomes hooked for life and will give referrals.

This above is the power of content which is consistent and aligns with your business process. If after she saw the process of “restoring the skin”, but found conflicting content and inconsistencies, she’d lose interest and not dig for more.

A well aligned content is the social proof that potential clients need when they are fighting the battle of the mind, creating objections whether to work with you or not. A good content is your sales person in print.

4. Run A Flexible System

“The one size fits all” approach is the worst one a coach or service business owner who is looking to scale up will adopt. Servicing your client with such stereotypical method will see your client suppressed and they will not get optimum results. This will in turn stall your business.

Every client is unique and so should their service templates. We understand that for any business, there are rules that are constant, but when it comes to the dynamic nature of humans- a little tweak here and there is important. Handle clients with a certain level of flexibility and personalization.

Be innovative with your processes. Find a refreshing angle to your processes for every time and for every client. There should be consistent review, overhaul, improvement and personalization in your process from time to time. It creates a strong bond between you and your clients, while helping you manage them more effectively.

5. Engage Prospects

Engaging your prospective client is a prelude to getting them on the phone to talk to you. This also gives them the idea that it’s not a robot behind all the content. Create an avenue for prospects to engage with you. Let them see, learn and give their own opinions. This gives you the idea of who they are, their orientation and how to work with them.

At Clients Oasis, we do this through our Facebook page, trainings, workshops and blog. We also reach them through emails.

Once we sign up a client, we move them to an exclusive Facebook group, a community where everyone works together to achieve their goals through the steps we use to get our clients results. It becomes a place where everyone helps the next person solve their needs, taking the bulk of the work off of you. This makes the process of scaling easier.

You can’t do without webinars and online training workshops, as they are the strongest and most effective engagement channels. Through webinars, we take potential clients through our distilled process, step by step. We spice things up with the testimonials of successful clients we have helped attain their goals. People want to see results.

6. Do Not Copy The Competition. Be Unique!

Growth isn’t a straight line or fast lane to the top; it is more like hiking a mountain with a really rough path. It is a slow, steady, grueling and strategic climb. You need to be aware of every loose stone, foothold, and handhold in order to make it to the zenith in one piece.

To be able to scale up and remain at the top isn’t an easy task and copying the competition may look like the easiest way out. But you need to put in the honest work. Set yourself apart and be unique. This is one of the things that will help you scale up and keep you there.

Copying the competition doesn’t make you the best, even if it takes you to the top. It only makes you one of the many and this has its flip sides.

Sheena Iyengar, the author of the book, The Art of Choosing corroborates this by saying “too many choices overwhelm us and cause us to not choose at all.

Copying the competition is the easiest way to get lost in the crowd. It won’t be a matter of who knows best anymore, but who has the biggest business and who is more recognized. Being unique in your market and working with utmost integrity set you apart and makes you the number one choice of prospects in your market.

Your unique voice and approach draws clients you like bees to honey… In the sea of same business in your market, clients will seek after you, regardless of your price.

So, are you really ready to scale up?

If you are, then here is what you should do. Step back and take some time off, unload and knife down your whole process into bits and distill them.

Walk yourself through it step by step like you would walk your client. As you get a clearer picture of what your business is about, start integrating, creating content around them… and engaging clients and prospects better.

At this point, would have built a solid scale up strategy, and the next step is to attend a simple 3-step funnel workshop to start landing high-ticket clients.

If you need to get clear on your processes or need support implementing your processes, schedule a free breakthrough strategy session with someone on out team.