As at 2019, according to statista there are 2.77 billion people signed on to social media around the globe which you have to reach. Marketing is very important if you must maintain visibility to your target audience.  Effective marketing is quite tricky, but can be achieved by building a fool-proof marketing strategy.

Attracting clients is majorly dependent on your visibility to your target market, which in turn generates demands for your products or services. This is something you as a service business may still struggle with, due to quite a number of things, such as;

  • Identifying the right social media platforms to advertise your business.
  • Staying abreast with updated and current trends in your market on a global level.
  • Insufficient availability of resources; such as finance, time and staff.
  • Ability to generate quality leads.
  • Delivery of quality, relevant, informative and educative content that aligns with your business objective.

The aforementioned can hamper business opportunities and if not careful kill your business. A solid and effective marketing strategy will help filter opportunities that are beneficial to your business. This will prevent you from wasting time, money and effort with little result to show for it. Rather, it will help narrow your focus on reaching and attracting your perfect client.

Strategic marketing helps in overall business building, ensuring that it maintains a lane of sustainable growth.

Let us dive right to the heart of the issue which is laying down effective marketing strategies for your business.

Find Your Unique Market Positioning!

This begins with you identifying your ideal client. Over here, we refer to it as creating a client avatar. Identify who you serve, how you serve them and the outcome you help them get. This tailors down the kinds of clients you have and potential clients who seek you out.

If you cannot define your ideal client, then you can neither get them on board, nor find your market positioning. Your market positioning is what sets you apart and away from the competition. This is what makes you unique to your existing clients and prospects. Find it, for it is crucial.

In some cases, you may have it all figured out, but it is important to get opinions from unbiased sources- people who paid money for your services, as they have the final say. You may feel that a particular act is unique to you, but the truth is that, it doesn’t matter with your clients. You could get the surprise of your life when you find out that, it’s an act you do casually, one that’s so unimportant to you that becomes invaluable to your clients.

You can do this by carrying out a survey with your existing clients on why they do business with you- through emails, Facebook, LinkedIn or your blog. This causes them to bring up all the perks they enjoy in the course of working with you… in different ways you may not have been conscious of. Such insights will serve as leverage for you to attract potential clients.

Finding your unique positioning helps you get more creative with your strength and abilities. It lets you dominate in your own market, while you source from a unique well of untapped methods.  This saves you from a whole lot of unhealthy pressure and compromise, while trying to keep up.

There will be no need to emulate the competition as your service is your own signature, not to be found anywhere else. A uniqueness that will come to be associated with you and put you in favorable competition with the biggest businesses in your market.

At Clients Oasis, our unique marketing positioning is the world class support we offer to our clients through their journey. This is something they cannot get anywhere else.

Take Your Clients on a Journey

Identifying your unique market positioning will help you create a travel framework through your business for clients. This is a very potent method of converting leads to clients. It leaves a place for communication and inclusion.

This journey is in 5 phases which are creating awareness, educating, sampling, patronage and referrals. These phases if well executed will lead to attraction and retaining of your highest quality clients- raising your income dramatically.

Let’s look at each of these phases individually…

  • Create awareness

This is where you do the bulk of the work when strategizing on how to get clients. Let prospects know what your services are. Broadcast your expertise and what they stand to benefit from working with you. Use social media, solid content, and advertising.

In doing this, be particular about the following;

  1. The awareness you create off and online must communicate the objective of your business.
  2. It must be aimed across demographics of your target audience and potent enough to attract and start a relationship.
  3. Content must be relevant and educative.
  4. Your calls-to-action should be strong and consistent with your content.
  5. The audience must know the problems that your products or services solve and the benefits of working with you.
  6. Speak your client’s language.

Ensuring that these tad bits of measures are put in place will increase the chances of your business gaining the right attention and drawing prospects in. It influences the decision process of prospects, giving them some measure of confidence, clarity and trust in your business.

  • Educate

This is where you have successfully gained the attention of prospective clients either through social media; your website or they walked right into your office. You will give them every reason to engage, patronize, return, and give great reviews, testimonials and referrals.

This is achievable by thoroughly educating them on your business through;

  1. Consistently integrating your business objectives and identity in everything you do, both off and online.
  2. Emphasizing on your uniqueness across all your communication channels. One that your target clients can relate to.
  3. Parade reviews and success stories in your content, especially on your website.
  4. Create content which is focused on your forte. Content you are an expert on, showcasing your experience and ability to get them great results.
  5. Send out valuable content on regular basis.
  • Sample

This is the curiosity stage. Clients have heard, seen and read a lot about your business, now they want to know how you work. They want to know how your solutions work. It is time to roll out your samples through webinars, podcasts and PDFs containing very detailed, informative and helpful content. You may also use free webinars, and online training workshops.

I will be giving examples of how you can do this…

  1. As a realtor, you can hold a 45-minute webinar on how real estate investors can spot a potentially good property.
  2. As a business coach, you can create a 30 to 60-minute webinar, giving out insights on how your clients can scale up their business.
  3. A nutrition expert could give an insightful 30-minute web class on healthy living, filled with great nuggets.
  4. A marketing expert can offer free 30-minute training on effective marketing strategy.

These are just examples. It doesn’t matter if you are a coach, consultant or into any type of service business, the same principles apply to every niche market.

  • Patronize and Refer

You have successfully drawn the prospective client in, now optimum delivery and a rich client experience is required. It is important that your products or service lives up to the hype and it solves the client’s deep rooted needs.

This is what will ensure that the client is satisfied, returns, becomes loyal and gives you referrals. However, if your client is getting visible results already, do not hesitate to ask for referrals.

Here is a take home…

You can only stand out in your market if your unique strategies lead your target clients to take the desired action.

For prospects to take action, there must be trust and this can only come from consistency on your part. Consistency in your approach, quality, uniqueness, objective, solution, and in your delivery.

People want results and this is where most businesses stop, but if you want to get returning clients, go beyond the results and give them an unforgettable experience.

Give client appreciation gifts or even a commission on referral. This builds strong loyalty.

If you want to gain more clarity on this and how you can implement this in your business, schedule a free breakthrough session with someone on our team.