Do you keep chasing clients all over the place? You may begin to think that something is wrong with your marketing. This may be true and at the same time, it might have something to do with your mindset. Let’s find out!

You might have read tons of articles and watched tons of videos on how to land your dream clients. However, I can bet you that almost all of them miss out on a very important key component of landing perfect clients.

And that component is focusing on the client and NOT on you. You probably have heard that if you focus on chasing the money instead of striving to provide value, the money will run away from you faster. It’s the same thing with landing clients for your coaching or service business.

When you focus more on trying to land a client or trying to close the sale, you will miss out on a lot of potential dream clients – those types of clients willing to pay you hefty sums. The types of clients you find easy to help get their desired outcomes.

Now the question is, how do you focus more on the client than on yourself, to enroll more premium clients? It all boils down to genuinely caring about the results your client wants to achieve. If you can truly help them achieve this desired outcome or not.

When you get this part of your mindset right, it reflects in your ads, in your emails, in your webinar presentation and videos. Essentially, it reflects in all your content and all your marketing communication with your potential clients.

When you care about the results and outcomes your potential clients are after, it shows in everything you do. Even when you jump on the phone to talk with them to seal the deal, it reflects and they can sense it from a mile away.

I understood this in our business when we transitioned from trying to close deals to genuinely trying to find out our potential clients’ biggest concerns and challenges and finding a real solution that can take them from Point A to Point B.

Our revenue doubled almost overnight from the same number of traffic, it then tripled and has been growing ever since then. The shift was just from focusing more on reeling clients into focusing entirely on how we can help them even before they consider becoming clients.

When you make this kind of shift, potential clients will naturally be inclined to become actual clients. People on the fence drop their guards and come down to get what you can offer them. Business starts to boom! Just as a result of a simple shift in your mindset.

I’ve found this to be universally true. When you focus entirely on how to provide the most value in your business, business starts to boom, money starts pouring in. And when you start focusing on the money coming in, instead of maintaining your momentum of value provision, money starts becoming scarce!

So if you want to start landing new dream clients for your business today, start focusing more on how you can meet your clients’ needs and quit chasing clients down. When you do this, clients will start chasing you down, from my experience!

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