Times change and the methods of running a business go along with it. As a coach or business owner, you are consistently looking for strategies that will make you stand out. But it is quite difficult to know where to compete in business these days.

The days have passed when a certain group of cooperate dons sat in the boardroom to determine what coffee the market would love. We have left outbound marketing and are now in an era of inbound marketing where consumers are more empowered, enlightened, and leveraging the aid of technology.

They no longer check out good sales in print ads, but would rather do that via reviews on social media.

Clients seldom read magazine articles, but follow blogs and relevant pages instead. Rather than watch cable TV, we are in an era of Netflix and YouTube.

The craze for trade shows have died down, and is now replaced by meeting at hangouts, logging into webinars and Skype.

Consumers can now find what they want, rather than being told what to do. Customers accept what they read on social media, hook, line and sinker, because they carry relevant information that they care about.

So, as a coach, consultant, or business owner, it will be wise to think like your customers if you want to be relevant. This is because, most of what made marketing tick back in the days is now dead on arrival. Everyone currently follows the money.

How then do you escape the dead on arrival marketing strategy to get your business online and excel? Content, dear business owner, content!

If you want to be visible online, attract your target audience and be found in all the same key searches as your competitors — create valuable content, for it is king, while optimization is key.

Also ask yourself some heartfelt questions which include the following…

  1. Who are the people I want to reach?
  2. Where do they hang out?
  3. What delivery tools are best for the kind of marketing I want to do?
  4. What is the importance of emotionally based marketing?
  5. How consistent can I be?

These are questions that will help you understand your customer lingo and how powerful you want your call to action.

While pondering over these leading questions, I offer 5 sound tips for you to consider while trying to get your business to succeed online. This will help you escape the dead on arrival marketing strategy!

1. Find Out What Is Trending In Your Market

Trend Flow

To get your business to succeed on social media, take time to discover what is trending in your market at the moment. Are people already talking about your business? What exactly are they saying about in your business? Who are the strongest competitors or most recommended?

You can find most of these information on twitter, Facebook, Quora and LinkedIn. On twitter, you will see threads and trending topics talking about almost everything and anything. If you log into Quora, you would find lots of visitors that come to ask questions about particular markets, or solutions to particular challenges.

Facebook is a platform to find enlightening posts on things that everyone is talking about concerning any industry. You can also check out profiles of the strongest competitors in your market via LinkedIn.

To effectively gain these insights, type in search keywords that consumers will most likely use. For instance, if you are a fitness expert, you can type “need a fitness trainer” in your search console. You will be surprised at how much people invest in it.

Find what consumers need the most in your field and speak their language.

A search on “fitness trainer” will bring you everything from the best fitness trainer services, to qualifications of a personal trainer and all that. This shows you what consumers are looking for, and savvy business owners will offer them just that. This is how to get online, stay current and become well sought after.

2. Give Consumers Value

Customer Value

I get online these days and the first thing I see on every page or after an ad is… “Like and follow our page on Facebook”, ‘follow us on Instagram”, “join us on twitter”.

Why? Why should I do that? Have you given me a reason to? I just unsubscribed from your truckload of emails that spammed my mailbox with irrelevant content. Why should I subject myself to another form of torture by following you on Facebook or Instagram?

Business owners, don’t tell people to follow you or like your page if you are not prepared to share consistent quality content with your audience. Give your clients, prospects, and even passersby a reason to connect with you on social media.

Get trained on how to give clients consistent value by clicking this link.

Begin by asking yourself this honest question. If I follow this page, what will be my benefit, what’s in it for me? Then assume the place of your clients and answer the question. If you really cannot make out a benefit that people stand to gain from following you, then you need to go back to the drawing board.

Mind you, your answer should be based off what consumers currently need in your market and not what you think you love. They don’t care at all for what you love as they have their own unique challenges.

This helps you create content that will give consumers consistent value by meeting them at their various pain points. When they see that you’ve got what they need, they will not hesitate to follow everything you stand for… because they know there’s something in it for them.

3. Practice Relevant Engagements

What if there is so much for consumers to benefit, yet no one responds to you. You put out solid content and it stays that way, moping at you without attracting anyone. You check your insights and discover that people see you, but no one makes any move to engage.

You want to know why?

One of the biggest reasons may be because you’re not asking questions at all. And if you’re, they are not questions people care about or those which hit on the pain points of consumers.

It is really not about the questions you ask, but how you phrase them.

Truth is, the underlying power of social media isn’t marketing or self-promotion, but engagements and conversations. Ask leading, provoking and for the controversial ones, disrupting questions. This brings everyone out in their feelings and interactions begin.

Engagements and conversations will see things from the clients’ perspective, help you serve them better, because you now understand and apply their language.

For instance, if a show promoting company wants to hold a concert and they drop this information on their Facebook page… “We are holding a concert on Sunday”. Trust me, the likelihood that people will show up is less than 5%. This is especially if the consumers are going to pay good money for it.

But if they rather say, “who would you love to see perform at our concert on Sunday?”… This stirs up a conversation in the comment section.

Consumers will pick who they want and would love to spend money on. It also gives you an insight into what performer is the hottest and people’s choice at the moment. And you’ll give them just that. Best believe the concert will be flooded with people willing to pay good cash to see their favorite perform.

This is one of the many merits of practicing relevant engagements.

4. Fall In Love With Visuals And Spread The Love

Visual Attraction

As you engage with your audience, keep them coming back by sharing pictorial messages. A real life teacher for us is Facebook. It spiked from being just a college campus app to a world recognized platform because of photos. This is a top notch marketing strategy.

According to the data Facebook put out on 30th January 2019, it has an estimated 2.32 billion users of people who love to share their photos and connect with others.

People love images because they are interesting, captivating and full of answers. Images and videos can tell so much more about your business than an ordinary text will. The most beautiful thing about images is that they tell stories, yet in a way the people can relate to.

This is a strong way to create emotionally based messages, because visuals drive emotions.

It is a standard fact that a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

You don’t need to be a cinematographer or professional photographer with a huge budget to create and share pictures and videos. You have a great smartphone which you use for your daily activities. Turn it into a work tool and use it to take cool photos and videos of staff, clients and fun things about your business.

Put the videos and images up on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other platform you use for interacting with your audience. Your audience will stay reeled in and always look forward to hearing from you.

5. Stay Consistent

The reason why your competition is reckoned with is because they spend their time online… learning, unlearning, reading, listening, responding and being a part of the conversation.

This is one of the powerful strategies business owners overlook.

If you paid for a thing with your hard earned money or have a treasure which you went through hell to get, would you leave it unattended? You’d take care of it, check on it and do everything to make sure that it remains viable.

This is how you should handle your business on social media. New things pop up every day and there is always a lot to learn. Clients get new challenges every day and you need to stay ahead. Opportunities rise and new tools are introduced across social networks. Clients demand more and deserve more.

If you have decided that you want to get your business on a global scale by going online, stay consistent! If you want to stand any chance at all with the competition, social media, which is your major work desk is where you should be.

It is like the war where you feel all the pulse by being on the battle field. If you’ve not been to battle, you cannot adequately capture and explain the happenings there — same with social media.

Steadily put out content that are informative, aligned with your business objectives, yet consumer embracing. Learn, read and engage more with your audience. If you leave your audience hanging with seasonal online presence, they’d leave you in a flash. Your marketing strategy is dead on arrival!

If you don’t read, learn and update yourself consistently, you’d be left behind and no one likes obsolete. Spend at least 30 minutes of your day on social media and you will be happy for it. This is because the more effort and time you put in the media, the better head start you get over your competition.

Move from dead on arrival to a viable marketing strategy…

With the 5 powerful tips I discussed above, you’re ready to push your business online. This post enlightens you on how to set your business trending with tactics that are viable, rather than a marketing strategy that is dead on arrival.

I talked about finding out what is trending, so that you can give value to your consumers. Then engage them with pictures and videos. To keep them locked in, stay consistent, and at the end of the day, your business will be on the lips of practically everyone that matters.

So, is your marketing strategy dead on arrival and you need our support to implement our own strategies in your business?

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