Ninety percent of leadership is the ability to communicate something people want. – Dianne Feinstein

As a coach, professional service business owner, consultant or entrepreneur, you have to consistently market and sell your business – if you want to get new clients be ahead. You can be a great at what you do, but if no one knows about it, you have no business.

You have to consistently sell yourself, even if you are not comfortable with doing so. Yes, lots of coaches and service business owners are uncomfortable with doing this for fear of looking desperate or sounding salesy. Yet, it is one of the ways to build professional relationships with clients and prospects.

This is a way that you can make yourself accessible to clients and leads, while getting feedbacks through engaging with your clients. Overall, marketing your business is a way to win on all sides, both with your clients and in your business.

The key is to be consistent, channel towards the right audience and make your content helpful, informative and easy to understand. There are key things you can do to market your business, without coming across as salesy or downright desperate.

Let’s see some of them below…

1. Social Media Presence

The opportunities on social media are endless.

The more active you are on social media, the more you encounter people of like minds who need your services. The catch is to be deliberate in your activities on social media. Pick the right platforms and target specific demographic that your services are relevant to.

Furnish your audience with content that aligns with what you are about – your services and company. Engage your audience with posts that they can relate to, ones that resonate with them. Identify their needs and begin to solve it, even before they have to ask you for help.

Be consistent in your delivery of valuable materials, and create a schedule for when you can answer their nagging questions. Make every time you spend on social media a productive one. Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the best platforms you can patronize, if you want to have serious minded audience which you can effectively reach.

Your consistent and valuable time on social media will help you build a fan base of people who will be reeled in by what you deliver without realizing it. Consistent social media presence holds in your audience, because they expect something from you every time. And by the time they have consumed a number of your content, they are pushed to take action to get results.

2. Offer Something For Free

Before a person can shell out their hard earned cash on you, they have to trust that you’ll give them good value for the price they pay for your products or services. To do this effectively, you have to give them something valuable for free. We call this a lead magnet. This begins when you start strategizing on how to get clients for your business.

These people have never worked with you and don’t know how effective your services are. The best bet is to give them something valuable to try out.

Create highly valuable materials such as checklists or cheat lists, webinars, podcasts etc. Get your target clients to opt in, in order to access these materials. When they apply the content of the materials in their lives or businesses and see results, they will be hooked and come back for more.

You will become resourceful to your potential clients and they will want to enter into your full program, so that they can access the full benefits of working with you. To achieve this, your free content must address specific needs. It must be bite sized and helpful enough to convert them to high paying clients.

The lead magnet should be able to give them measurable results in short time. This is the only way they can trust you enough and pay you to solve their bigger problems.

3. Be A Guest On Reputable Platforms

To connect with a wider and more target audience, make guest posts or podcasts on websites and blogs that are popular and reputable in your market and industry. This exposes you to an already activated brand new audience that is sensitized to your industry. All you have to do is make a good job of convincing them that you are the best in your field, by the quality of content you put out there.

Consistently featuring guest posts on other related platforms apart from yours sets you up as an authority in your field. People will begin to make reference to you and consult you from far and wide for your services.

There is the school of thought that if a particularly high rated platform can feature you, then you are worth your weight in gold. Prospects will have a lot of confidence in your business by the virtue of where you featured, and will begin to seek you out. Just make sure that what they get afterwards is of top quality, because without this, you don’t have a business.  You can even begin to charge premium prices, depending on the level you are in business.

4. Build A Community


A community is a hub where you can get old clients and new clients to interact. They are people so connected and in tune with your business that they can handle minor problems with other clients without you getting involved. They just have to engage with each other, rub minds and issues are resolved.

A community is also where new lifelong relationships are built between you and your clients, clients and other clients. It creates an atmosphere of trust, accessibility and loyalty. Through this community, you have a pocket full of ideal clients. You already have one sure target spot where you can channel high quality materials to help solve problems and bring results. You are also accessible to them at any time that is convenient and vice versa.

You can do this by joining a few great groups related to what you do and see how they run. Learn what gives and what doesn’t work, then start yours. You can make yours stand out by taking a new dimension on the types of services, help tips, and content you offer.

5. Check Up On Your Past And Current Clients

A follow up and appreciation to past and current clients, from time to time propels them to return. They feel appreciated, not taken for granted or looked down on. They see that you are not about only their money, but you care about them even when they are not doing business with you. This is a great marketing strategy you can take advantage of.

Check up on then form time to time and send them mails thanking them for bringing their businesses to you. Ask if there is anything you can do for them. Also find out how they are enjoying the results of your service or the product they got from you. Chip in that there is an improvement or update to your services and products.

Give them a link or avenue to check it out at a client discount if possible. It makes them feel like they are getting something which is not open to the public. It is exclusive and this makes them feel special.

Trust me; they wouldn’t mind trying it out.

6. Run Ads On Facebook

Facebook ads have their many advantages. So far, they are one of the best at providing results. You can use it to promote your business, and be sure to expect massive return. Facebook is a den filled with business minded people of diverse fields who have needs that you can meet.

The smart thing to do is to find them by knowing exactly who you are looking for and narrowing down your ads to target them. Then you can create solid and compelling content plus images that will hit right at them. This will attract the audience you need and they will start paying attention.

Your ads may be in form of storytelling, or just straight to the point. But they must embody your goals and objectives, align with the service you offer and resonate with the audience. In your ad, they must know what you are helping them with, how you will help them and the outcome that they should expect. These are all part of solid Facebook marketing strategy.

The customer expects you to have knowledge of their stuff, not just your stuff. – Jeffrey Gitomer

An ad without a solid content to push it is just chaff. You will go ahead to waste money and time without generating a good ROI from the ad.

7. Nurture Your Leads

An opt-in form is very essential to your business, if you want to enroll more high-ticket clients. You can easily have people pop onto your videos or content on the web. Most will devour it and go their way, while some might decide to contact you to work with you as a client. But a huge percentage will never do this, and you’ll lose them forever. That’s where email marketing comes to the rescue.

When you capture random visitors, you can easily turn them from loyal subscribers, to clients, then raving fans and even lifelong friends. You should have them on every content you put out. When clients subscribe, they get on your email list. This is an excellent avenue to reach them. Take advantage and consistently send them weekly, bi-weekly or daily content.

Intimate them on your new services, old and upgraded services and changes you made to your programs. They will definitely show up for you or recommend someone who does need it.

According to e-marketing, 80% of business professionals have confessed that email marketing gave them their highest customer retention, as against social media.

To wrap this up…

Marketing is really just about sharing your passion. – Michael Hyatt

This is simply what marketing is. If you are passionate about the thing you do and you know how great and beneficial it is to others, you will relentlessly market… until needs are met and results are gotten.

Marketing is not an easy task, but quite simple if you know what to do. We are particular about that, which is why we have made this enlightening piece for your digestion.

Remember, make your presence felt on social media, expand by featuring on other platforms. Reach out to your old clients, start a help group on Facebook, make ad campaigns and retain the clients through emails.

Quick and simple!

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