The audience you target with Facebook paid ads is just one of the few pieces of running a successful Facebook ad campaign for your chiropractic business. But, it’s also one of the most important…

You can perfect the rest of your funnel, but if you are targeting people that have little to no interest in your service, then your results will also be little to none. You will end up blowing away tens of thousands of dollars on ads with nothing to show for it.

Having your practice active on social media is important today, but even more important tomorrow. Facebook makes it very easy for your patients to find your practice on Facebook, share with their friends and family, and just keeping your practice’s brand in the minds of your patients or potential patients.

One of the biggest things that chiropractic business owners overlook is how powerful paid Facebook advertising can be for your practice, if done right.

Many chiropractors are familiar with PPC (pay per click) advertising with Google and Bing, but most don’t know how powerful and different Facebook advertising is when it comes to increasing your practice’s client base.

Laser Targeting on Facebook

Depending on who your ideal patient is for your practice, Facebook has one of the most advanced targeting features on their paid advertising network, along with the most active users.

If your practice specializes in multiple different services like… Auto injury accidents, back pain, fitness injuries, stem cell treatments, etc. Then you could run 1 ad to promote all of these services… but your results will be WEAK…

… One of the best ways to get the highest amount of results is to learn who your patients are and include this in your ads when targeting them. And luckily for many advanced targeting features that Facebook advertising has to offer… we are finally able to do this!

You need to target the right people, with the right message, at the right time. In this post, we will cover how you can target the right people by laser-focusing on your marketing message. You can pinpoint

Facebook allows you to get real specific and pinpoint the exact type of patient you are looking for, down to the…

  • Location: Obvious one, but you want to make sure that you are targeting only people that are within a close proximity of your practice. Facebook allows you to target by entire cities or mile radius of your business.
  • Age: Narrow your targeted audience down by age. If your practice is wanting to promote a solution to back pain for middle-aged people, you can then set your age targeting appropriately.
  • Gender: Maybe you want to promote your services to pregnant women. Just set your target to females.
  • Interests: Targeting interests on Facebook is where the fun is at. This is where we can break your audience down to very specific, ready to take action clients.  For example: If you’re promoting to people that have back pain, you can target people on Facebook that have shown interest in back pain and cures.
targeting chiropractic patients

Or maybe you would like to target auto injury patients….

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Kennedy, it doesn’t make any sense that someone involved in an accident will go on Facebook and like a page about auto accidents. Here’s the thing you don’t know:

Facebook’s algorithm is intelligent and knows who you are and what your interests are.

It does not simply mean that someone who was in a car accident goes and likes an auto accident page. If that person has recently searched for auto accident attorneys, auto collision centers, or anything else related to being in an auto accident, then Facebook is going to show them as part of that targeted audience. Does that make sense?

targeting chiropractic patients

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