The salesperson title has a certain stereotypical connotation to it. A lot of people think it’s the door-to-door guys, who will pester and trick you till they close the deal. The world of sales is changing and consumers now have access to unlimited information. This has made sales easier – all you need is a few refinements to your marketing strategies.

Marketing is different from sales. Marketing is all the messages and systems you put together to bring them to you while sales is the process of getting them on board.

One of the fears business owners face is being pushy while trying to make sales. If you approach sales from the place of curiosity about your clients and how you can help them, you are on the right track!

Selling is a beautiful thing if what you sell transforms the lives of the people you sell it to. If you have a life-changing program that gives your clients life-changing outcomes, you will be doing them a disservice if you don’t sell it to them. A lot of people have great programs to offer, yet they do not know how to sell it without appearing salesy or sounding desperate.

You have the program; we will show you how to sell it without being salesy!

Believe in what you sell…

For you to sell effectively, you first need to believe in what you sell. Be enthusiastic, it is contagious. Customers are very sensitive to the vibes you give out. If they don’t feel the enthusiasm and confidence from you, they cannot be sold on your program. Believe in the potential of your program to help people. Believe in what you do because it is part of who you are.

You need to believe that what you sell your clients is a favor you are doing for them, rather than you thinking that your clients are doing you a favor by giving you money.  This is because, no amount of money can buy you the experience you have, in order to get your clients outstanding results.

For instance, you are a business coach who can help your clients turn their businesses around and help them achieve a massive leap in their income. Let say you help them take their businesses from $10K per month to $50K per month, and you are paid $10K for your business coaching services. If you do the calculations right, the $10K you are paid is not equivalent to the extra $40K per month you help them add to their businesses.

Help in advance…

For you to sell a life-changing program which gives a life-changing outcome, you need to demonstrate that you can really help them, by helping them in advance. Always begin with the end in mind. Once you start marketing to your audience, the sales process starts – not when you make your first phone contact or physical meeting.

For instance, my foray into the online marketing community was possible, because someone was able to sell it to me and sell it effectively – and that was Dan Kennedy. If Dan did not sell his life-changing program to me, there won’t be Clients Oasis, and clients whose lives we are changing every day. There also won’t be the results they are getting, multiplication of their revenue, and changing their clients’ lives along the way.

When you look at it from the place of offering help and service to the pressing needs of people, you realize that selling is indeed beautiful. You also understand that you don’t have to push anyone to buy from you.

The right mindset…

Another important way to not appear salesy is to have the right mindset. Having the right mindset as a business owner means that you know your “whys” and “hows” – why you sells, and how it solves needs. You also understand that you are helping people, not just selling. This you do by internalizing the values and benefits of your service.

Your attitude to your sales effort has to be positive. Optimism is essential! It helps you handle failure better and serves as a fuel to closing subsequent sales opportunities.

Pre-sell your program…

You also need to be able to pre-sell your program to your clients, and put them in a frame of mind that prepares them to take you up on your offer. Let them anticipate that they will be buying from you. Have a clear intent on what you expect from your clients at the end of the day – which is to sell to them.

Pre-selling to clients gives you an insight into the behavior of your clients towards the services you offer. You will know why they hesitate or buy. These responses will help you make adjustments before the program launches. As such, closing gets easier when they contact you through phone, email or Skype.


If you have a good marketing strategy, deliver so much value and have built up goodwill by offering value in advance… you will make more sales without appearing salesy, pushy or desperate. They come to you naturally, even asking you to take their money.

Having said all I have, it is important to note that these are methods are not easy, yet, very effective. All the methods stated above are linked to create a strategy that helps you make more sales without being pushy. Apply them, and you will never become a pushy, downright desperate, and salesy business owner – but will close more sales!

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