When thinking of how to get clients, think of how to build your credibility with them too. Today’s clients are smarter and more enlightened. They will never do business with a person or brand they don’t trust. They would rather patronize a brand based on reviews or through the recommendations of another satisfied client.

A finding made by YouGov, a research and consulting firm revealed that, 50% of clients in the United States do not trust what they see, read or hear in advertisements. 44% of them totally feel that advertisements are dishonest. They also established that about 26% which is one out of every 4 clients check reviews before deciding to work with a business.

We can see from the above that we are in a world where trust begets action. Clients tend to put up a barrier when you try to sell them on an idea. This is because they don’t trust you, but will go right in if they have reasons to trust you.

The good news is that, getting clients to trust you is quite simple, with these effective strategies.

1. Consistency

When you meet a person for the first time, you assess them based on the impression they leave you with- through your interaction with them. Although many facets make a person, but if they show up with different styles or at conflicting places everyday… it will be hard to ascertain who they are and what makes them tick. As such, you cannot trust that person.

How about we translate it to business or someone you want to do business with. We are sure you will have a problem with such level of inconsistencies. Clients have this same feeling about businesses.

Make your marketing online and your actual contact with clients consistent with your service/ products. Sending mixed signals to clients will leave them feeling confused and weary. But a consistent person or business will look dependable.

Clients will also trust a business they can recognize anywhere even without putting up a name or slogan. Consistency helps your clients know you or your business on a more personal level. This is because; patronage is more of an emotional decision than a practical one.

When clients feel that they know your business, then they can trust it. Else, why do you buy the same brand of coffee every time? Because, it is a brand you know, have tried severally, are consistent- so, you know what to expect.

2. Bring Value to Your Clients

Your offerings doesn’t stop once you get new clients for your business. One of the ways to make clients trust your business, whether as a coach or a service provider is to bring value to your clients. Make their relationship with you a gainful one through the value you bring to them.

Some of the ways you can do this is by posting content that is relevant to their field. Content that is informative, educative and up to date. Seek out challenges they face in their field and start seeking answers to them. Help them before they actually have to ask.

Content is a powerful tool for connecting with clients. You get into their heads without being pushy or them realizing it. Clients will also get familiar with your business, especially if you share content that steadily aligns with your business that they can relate to.

Stir up engagement and encourage discussion on your social media platforms such as Facebook, with content that’s focused on the client. You will be giving them an outlet to air their views. Have solutions in hand for them.

Such engagement will give you further insight into other areas they may be experiencing difficulties, which you can work on. This shows your client that you care about them on a personal basis and have their best interests at heart- which makes them trust you.

3. Present a Reliable Service

When we say a service is reliable, it is rated by how well it does what it’s supposed to do and how well it holds up over time. Reliability of service serves as a competitive marker for business which affects purchasing decisions.

With a reliable service, you don’t need to blow away resources – making bogus adverts, although sometimes necessary. But clients will spread the news through word of mouth and recommendations.

Word of mouth from one person to another is more persuasive than you can fathom. This is why 92% of persons go by recommendations from previous clients or friends.

A reliable service will get less complaints and more returning clients. As such, it is important to spend more resources honing your craft and perfecting them, before sending it to the public.

The more reliable your services are the better chance you will get at clinching positive reviews and recommendations from clients.

4. Be Accessible

Clients who are not sure or need some clarification about your service may choose to reach out to you through various channels- mails, Skype, calls or Facebook. It is important to leave contact channels open. Give answers to client’s inquiries as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

Patience is lost in today’s world, with speed taking over and a subsequent rise in urgency to clients demands. Clients knowing that they can get instant response to questions will push them to trust you more. Most businesses have live chats installed on their websites, so that they can address issues with clients in real time.

You can also use the FAQ option which answers questions about your business, services and provides all information on your expertise. This helps clients get more familiar with you, trusting you enough to get comfortable and work with you.

The main aim of FAQ is to help users overcome doubts and discreetly persuade them to come on board. It also gives you another opportunity to put your business out there… with an emphasis on what makes you unique, sets you apart from your competition, and why they should buy from you.

5. Honesty And Transparency

For clients to trust you, be very honest and transparent. Do not lie about who you are or your abilities. Do not promise what you cannot deliver. Be ready and willing to take a stand even if it’s unpopular with your clients or the general public. Make decisions based on what you know is sincerely right. It comes with the territory.  Integrity is everything in the long term success of any business.

Honesty and transparency is having a service that clients need and the ability to show how you are adding value… and solving problems with it. Transparency and honesty about your values and services is what defines you as a business.

When your business cites honesty and transparency as a watchword, clients expect you to deliver on your promises. Failure to do so is outright betrayal to your clients and the death of your business.

An honest and transparent business has their clients’ best interest at heart and will take a stand to protect them even when it is not convenient. They admit mistakes; take responsibility and work to right the error… and so should you in your business!

At Clients Oasis, we had a situation in the spring of 2017. One of our clients paid us $15,000 for services which we promised to deliver in 90 days. However, due to complexities, we were not able to deliver on our promise. Our client had paid in full and we had spent about $7k to help the client.

We had helped him develop a sales funnel, invested in a couple of software… and were working with him to develop his entire marketing strategy. Alas, there was no result after 90 days, although, he got outstanding results much later. But, because we had promised results in 12 weeks, we had to refund our client his money. This was a very painful thing to do. We lost money and time, but our integrity mattered more.

Our working relationship later blossomed into a great friendship, and we got lots of referrals from him when he started seeing results.

Now, this integrity! It is not the easiest road to embark on, but it’s worth it on the long run!

Here is another one: About 20 years ago, customers massively boycotted Nike because of reports about abusive labor practices. This scandal rocked the brand so strong, that the CEO, Phil Knight took aggressive steps to salvage the company. He publicly made drastic changes to the company and consistently updated the public on proceedings.

Nike took responsibility and admitted mistake. They went ahead to right the wrongs and this positively changed the perception of the public towards it. Today, after over two decades, Nike is the undisputed champion of athletic brands. This scandal could have sent Nike out of business, but transparency and honesty in the face of a storm, gave them a springboard.

When clients trust your business, it becomes a channel of authenticity and inspiration to them. Trust is built through a gradual and consistent delivery over time. It is not something you can gain instantly. You earn it!

Now that you’ve built your credibility with clients, you deserve more of your dream clients. Let’s show you how to get more clients for your business through a simple 3-step funnel.

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