How to Get High Ticket Clients

When it comes to how much a client should pay for a service, a lot of things come to play. Some people are of the opinion that clients will want to pay as little as they possibly can for a service. Well, that may not be completely true. There are clients who pay more for services that they can otherwise get for less somewhere else.

If you are a coach, consultant, or service business owner, there are people willing to pay good money for what you are offering. If your service can help people solve a major life challenge, then they will pay any amount for it. There are tons of premium clients ready to pay for solutions.

The challenge many businesses have is the inability to get clients that will be able to pay them what their services are worth. The kind of client that will help them achieve their financial goals, while staying true to their purpose.

If you are having difficulty getting these special kinds of clients, then here are some strategies that you can implement to see results right away.

1. Have the Right Mindset 

It is an unusual place to start, but it is a major factor that determines success or failure in any venture. So if you can have a great idea that birthed a great service, then you should be able to attract high paying clients – naturally.

The right mindset gives you confidence that you have the solution to the pressing need of people. So, even when it looks like you aren’t making any headway, you will keep pushing. Your persistence in getting the right clients is fueled by the right mindset.

You need not allow fear and overwhelm to take you over. The clients you are looking for are out there waiting for you to reach them. Be confident that you will get the right clients that can afford your services.

2. Create A Client Avatar (Profile) 

It is important that you have an idea of your ideal client, where they are and the challenges they are facing. In creating this avatar, you also need to find out what motivates them to take action – their psychological triggers. This will enable you create messages that revolve around those psychological triggers.

Your client avatar must have depth, purpose and enough details. Create a profile that puts their demography and psychographics into consideration. The demographic profile includes age bracket, sex, location, and income. The psychographic profile can be their persona, emotional triggers, and values.

For instance, at Clients Oasis, we have a picture of the kind of client we want. We know quite well that not everyone can afford our services, so we take time to profile our clients. We are looking at that one client that has what it takes to help people – the intellect, skill, wisdom etc. – but do not know how to get clients. This person must have taken their business to a certain extent that can help them afford our services. So, we are clear and concise about the kind of client we want.

Having a client profile or avatar helps you in knowing the best ways to market and promote your services to them. You will know how and where to find them. This saves you time and money, and makes your marketing focused.

3. Refine Your Marketing 

Since you are not looking for any kind of clients, it also means that any kind of marketing channel will not give you what you want. Even if you decide to use social media, it needs to be the one that leads you to your ideal client.

In our business, we have discovered that the best places to reach our ideal clients are Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook is the most powerful advertising and marketing channel that I’ve seen in all my years in marketing. This is because you can target your marketing to reach the people who fit into your client avatar. But don’t go throwing away thousands of dollars on Facebook, when you haven’t understood how Facebook works.

LinkedIn on the other side has a lot of professionals and executives from Fortune 500 companies. This is where the big shots are! If you get your targeting right, you will have a harvest of high ticket clients, who can afford your services. I will only recommend this platform if you are a B2B person.

You need to identify which channel works for the kind of service you render. For instance, if you offer B2C services, a great channel for you can be Reddit.

4. Show Your Credibility Using A Webinar 

Trust is a very important part of any relationship you will build with your clients. Customers are more likely going to take you up on your offer if they trust that your service can actually help them solve a major problem. And the way to do this is to show them that you can deliver on your promise by helping them in advance.

One effective way to do this is through a webinar.

The whole idea of a webinar is hinged on the perception that webinar hosts are credible and have something to offer. If your webinar is packed with helpful content, you can easily showcase your credibility, and at the same time, build a good will with your target client. On the webinar, give people the best part of your content – show them that you have the ability to help them. If you deliver great value on your webinar, you will succeed in getting them to trust you. It makes it easier to close them as clients.

5. Close The Client 

If you have delivered great value during the webinar, you can ask them to get on the phone with you. On the phone, try to find out if you are a fit – if you can help them solve their problem.

For some clients, there could still be that element of skepticism. However, if they have come to the point of getting on the phone with you, then they are interested in what you have to offer. Try to get through to them, find out what is stopping them from signing up. You do this by asking questions – digging deep to find out the reason behind their objections, and address them accordingly. If you do it well, they will ask you to sign them up naturally. At Clients Oasis, we call this “the collaborative close”. 

Now you’re ready to roll… 

Getting high-ticket clients shouldn’t be a scary task, if you know the strategies to take in getting them. In fact, signing up clients at high ticket prices has lots of benefits, both for you and for the client.

  1. When a client invests thousands of dollars in your services, they believe they’ve invested in the best person that can help them get their desired results.
  2. You clients get more committed to taking actions when they pay highly for your service. This in turn helps them to get their desired results, because they did the work.
  3. It helps you reach your income goals faster. This is because you only have to enroll a few clients for you to hit your target income.

In essence, enrolling high ticket clients is beneficial for everyone. And if you’ve not started enrolling clients at high ticket prices, start with the techniques we’ve shown you.

I know this might be a lot to take, but we have provided a support system to help you implement this in your business.

Click here or use the button below to schedule a breakthrough session with us. There’s a business strategist waiting to help you implement these in your business.

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