I’m a firm believer in the marketing potentials of social media. However, of all the available platforms, I see Facebook as the king in this kingdom. I’m not alone in this, 93% of marketers reported that Facebook is their preferred social media channel for marketing. That’s a number you can’t neglect.

Marketing on Facebook

Recent studies have shown that Facebook has a huge influence on the buying decision of customers. People buy more products or services online as a result of ads they see on Facebook. If you’re not yet taking advantage of Facebook for your marketing, you’re missing out.

Granted, Facebook is always stepping up the game on marketing activities carried out on its platform. There’s been a lot of algorithm changes in recent times – and there might be more to come. This has raised a lot of skepticism among many marketers. But, that hasn’t changed the potentials of great marketing results using Facebook.

On the brighter side, with the right strategies, you can still enjoy great marketing results using Facebook.

So, here are a few ways you can improve your marketing results with Facebook.

1. Be Consistent in Giving Out Quality Content

Consistency is the key to building relevance on Facebook. You can’t be making one post in one week and expect the same results with someone who posts on a daily basis. Oh, you think you’d be posting too much? Or, you don’t want to overfeed your audience with too many posts? Snap out of it. When it comes to giving out content on Facebook, you can never post too much.

With the rise in the ROI that businesses get from Facebook, the competition for attention is stiffer. Every business wants to be seen or heard on Facebook. So, if you aren’t consistent in feeding your audience, they get it from somewhere else.

Another reason you should post very often is this: not all your posts get to reach the desired audience. Facebook has a way of showing users only the most relevant content. And Facebook is constantly watering down the organic reach of marketing-related posts. So, you have to be consistent in making posts on your page.

A combined study was carried out by Buffer and BuzzSumo. The report has it that the top 20,000 Facebook business pages were publishing an average of 135 posts per month. This amounts to 4 to 5 posts daily. So, it is obvious that the more posts you make, the higher your chances of engaging with your audience.

Being consistent doesn’t mean you should just be putting out any kind of content. Though the quantity of content you post matters, the quality matters more. If you keep churning out posts that are not relevant to your audience, Facebook has a way of stopping it from reaching them.

It’s a fact that Facebook makes money from businesses and marketers. But they value their users more because they are the primary focus of their business. Without users, there would be no Facebook. So, they do everything possible to ensure that users get the best. So if your content isn’t rich enough, it gets no traction.

To improve your marketing results, you need to make sure you give out quality content on a regular basis.

2. Implement User Generated Content

One of the things that endear your products or services in the heart of your audience is authenticity. It is important for your audience to see some level of genuineness. When it comes to Facebook marketing, nothing speaks of genuineness and authenticity like User Generated Content or UGC for short. UGC gets a high level of engagement when compared to your business generated content.

As a matter of fact, marketing campaigns that have delivered the best results had some level of UGC in them. Your followers, prospects, and clients never ignore UGCs when they are used.

According to Yopto Voice, 76% of consumers say reviews and photos from past buyers influence their purchase decisions. Again, 77% of consumers admit authentic customer photos have a bigger impact on their purchasing decisions than polished images created by marketing departments.

A good example was Toyota’s Feeling the Street campaign. By handpicking and sharing the most engaging user generated content, Toyota received more than 1.2 million likes, comments, and shares across the campaign. They even managed to raise their year-over-year ad engagement by 440%.

With UGC, you can promote your product or service by sharing pictures or videos of your customers using them. You have to make it as relatable as possible. Truth is that your audience can differentiate made up marketing content from relatable stories. Implementing UGC in your campaign helps you to build strong relationships with your audience. When you build that trust with prospects, you sell them with ease.

3. Make Your Content Shareable

I know your end game is to make sales. It’s not in dispute. However, you need to drive traffic to your sales page to make that happen. That is why your posts need to get a little viral. To achieve this, your followers need to be able to share your posts.

Create Engagement with Your Content

You might not need so much traffic for your kind of business, but you still need it. The more traffic you get, the more your options are expanded. So, if you now need to trim down, you have the chance to record a higher conversion rate.

When you create content that encourages people to share with others, Facebook marketing becomes more profitable for you. This is because wildly shared posts give Facebook a sense of relevance. So, it becomes easier for your posts to engage more people and attract more clients to your business.

Creating sharable content demands that you know what makes people share posts on Facebook. People don’t just see a post and share it because you asked them to. There has to be something about the post that speaks to them beyond the CTA.

There are many reasons people click on the share button when they read a post. This is contained in a New York Times study on “The Psychology of Social Sharing”. In the report, the reasons people share posts are summarized as:

  • To bring valuable and entertaining content to one another.
  • To define themselves to others.
  • To grow and nourish their relationships.
  • For self-fulfillment.
  • To get the word out about causes they care about.

A good look at the reasons above shows that people only share posts that represent their persona. Therefore, your posts should speak to the selfishness of your audience. Yes, because that’s a major trigger for them to hit the share button. Whether you hope to inspire, inform or educate your audience, use the right emotional punch lines.

One last thing on this. The more people share your posts, the less money you spend on Facebook marketing. This is because a small audience can take your marketing message to millions of people just by sharing them. So you save the additional money for Facebook to do that for you.

4. Use Native Videos

One of the biggest mistakes people make is dropping YouTube links on their Facebook pages. Truth be told, it works some times. But, in the long run, it becomes ineffective as a marketing strategy. This is because Facebook gives preference to native videos than links from external sites. They prefer marketers upload videos directly to their pages than sending viewers away through a link.

Beyond what Facebook wants, it also helps your engagement rate. When people go through their feeds and your videos show up, they play automatically. They get captured on the spot and they pause to watch the video content you shared. But a link from YouTube or any other site does not play automatically. You have to give the video a top-notch caption for your audience to follow the link. So, with native videos, you generate more views and clicks. And the more that happens, the higher your chances of converting more customers.

When you post native videos, Facebook creates a video gallery for your page. This makes it easier for your followers to always have access to the videos without stress. All they need do is go to the gallery and select which one they want. That way, they can always have the information they need at any time. This gives your video messages long-term exposure and more engagement.

Finally, it is easier to track the performance of your videos. With Facebook Page Insight, you can see the number of views and the time spent viewing your videos. This makes it easy for you to make adjustments in your video campaigns. You also know the top performing videos and probably boost them.

5. Leverage Facebook Live

This is one of the killer additions to the Facebook marketing options. It is a great way to increase organic reach at no cost. Yes, no cost at all. You can engage with your audience in the moment. Facebook live creates a personal connection between your business and your audience. It makes you accessible while getting rid of the logistics.

There are so many things you can achieve using Facebook live.

  • You can host Q&A sessions. Facebook live gives you the opportunity to physically address your customers’ concerns. It’s your chance to clear any doubts in the heart of your customers regarding your products and services. You entertain questions and give answers to them. This also helps to build your credibility.
  • You can organize live interviews. Facebook live allows you to bring in people who can help educate your audience better about your products and services. It could be a satisfied client who will share their experience. They can talk about the benefits they enjoyed from using your products or services. This further increases trust and loyalty among your customers and prospect.
  • You can announce a new product or service. It may not take away the big launch event, if you can handle it. But Facebook live is not only free, but it’s effective. It shows your Facebook followers that you value them. They feel important being a part of your product launch from the comfort of their homes or offices.
  • You can stream a live event. When you organize a business event, it is not easy to have all your customers show up. Most of them are very busy or have things that can deter them from showing up. But when you stream live events, you give them the opportunity to be a part of it. It could be a trade show or any value-oriented event. When you stream it live, you allow your customers to tune in and benefit from the event.

It’s Time to Improve Your Marketing Results

If you aren’t using Facebook by now, I believe you’ve seen the opportunities you’re missing. You need to take the next step and begin the implementation of these strategies. If you’re already using Facebook, then apply these strategies to get better results.

Do you see this as a high mountain to climb? Don’t worry, we have a business strategist ready to help you implement this in your business.

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