Customer they say is king. So, satisfying them is non-negotiable and should be a watchword!

Many service businesses are in a stagnant state, because they cannot satisfy clients or retain them. Worse is that, unsatisfied clients don’t just leave, they move to the competition- and do a great job of spreading the bad news around.

Statistics show that an increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% to 100% increase in profits for your company, whether it is through upsells, repurchases, or even referrals. This is according to Fred Reichheld, author of the Loyalty Effect. Ruby Newell-Legner of “understanding customers” even mentioned that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.

Harvard business review states that 48% of customers who had a negative experience told 10 or more others.

This last situation especially, is what you may currently be dealing with.  A loss of dissatisfied clients, a dent in your wallet and a bad image.

What steps can you take to keep clients satisfied and retain them?

Been there, done that and I will show you how in these four realistic steps!

1. Create Valuable Content That Focuses On Your Clients

Create exclusive and educative content around your existing clients. Clients who sign up with your company do so, because they know and trust you. Sending them recycled content that you will send to someone who just signed up is a wrong move.

According to communico, 50% of purchases by clients are made from an emotional standpoint. Emotions shape the attitude that drives decision and behavior. Create content personalized to each client and you will be creating an emotional tie with them.

“Help clients get the most of their relationship with you through your content and gain an emotional connection,” says Mary Gomandy White.  

Give clients-only content with insider information. Address nagging questions and pressing challenges of clients. Inform them about products and services upgrade and updates. Feature as much success stories as you got and offer perks that only your clients can access- webinars, power point and PDF downloads, trainings, workshops and whatever else you have to offer.

By this, clients understand that you’re not only after their money, but you know them and they are important to you.

2. Build Relationships Through The Digital World

 The dynamic nature of the virtual world over the years has seen evolvement in the relationship between clients and service businesses. Years back, no one would touch a business run on social media, because it screamed scam. But today, companies have learnt to bring these clients in the door through informative and enjoyable interactions.

If all the interaction you do on your social media platforms as a business is to put out new products, services and sales pitches- you would be loading the gun that will send your business to the great beyond. It is boring, desperate and “salesy”! Run your platforms with some emotion and personality. Let your fans feel that it is human behind the platform and not some stiff to the boot robotic corporation.

Spice up your social media platforms with informative and entertaining content that is relevant to your business. It is also great if it resonates with your fans. They will always look forward to your posts on their timeline and will not hesitate to try out any service you come up with. You earned their attention.

An active social presence will get more attention. Fans will see that you’re profitably busy and will key into it.

The various ways to build healthy and beneficial relationships through social media include

  • Sharing educative and entertaining content that aligns with your business.
  • Like and respond gracefully to posts or a mention that references you or your business.
  • Answer queries from clients and fans like you would if they walked into your office.
  • Get in the comment section to ask questions and engage your fans.
  • If a fan or client has a great opinion relevant to your business and will be useful to others, repost it.

The most effective of them all is creating a clients’ community through your social media platforms. A place where clients interact and solve the problems of each other as related to your business. If one client lays a complaint concerning your business, other clients who have experienced the same can step in and solve the problem.

Creating such avenue for clients to interact takes the burden of doing the entire job off you. You will come to know that your clients have a grounded understanding of your business and are loyal. You also pick up on areas where you may be lagging and level up.

Building a relationship in the digital world will help you build a stronger business base, because you have clients who look out for your business… and for each other. Clients will also rather talk to you if there is a problem, than dump your business. This is because; you have created an emotional tie to them by building a relationship with them.

They will always give you a benefit of the doubt and recommendations will come easily.

3. Do Clients Assessment

The greatest thing your clients can do for your business is to send in their evaluations or assessments of your services. They are the core and backbone of your business. Their perception towards your business goes a long way to show you how long your business will thrive.

It is important to hear what they think, how they feel and their disposition towards your business. Send questionnaires to your clients through your social media platforms and emails, asking them to share what they think about your services.

This gives an adept reveal into the strengths and weaknesses of your business. This trumps spending resources on blind adverts and making consumer market survey.

When clients know that you care about what they think, they will freely share opinions and be honest about it- especially when they see that their opinions effect the change they clamor for.

Studies show that up to 70 percent of unhappy customers transform into loyal customers if the mistake has been fixed exceeding their expectations.

They are happy that you value them and listen. This helps your customers build a network of people that can help each other under your platform. At this level, questions will get answers and challenges get solved by other clients who have had similar situations.

The best platforms to build such network of clients are LinkedIn and Facebook.

4. Track Your Clients Data And Check Analytics

Studying how engaging clients get with your content helps you gain insight into which your consistent clients are. You will also find out the aspect of your business they are interested in and what made them stick. Numbers never lie and with tracking client data on content, you can fill out gaps where lags occur.

This also helps you adopt a more effective strategy to pull new clients through the door, increasing your client base. You get to do better on areas you should work on, know practices you should drop- and leverage on areas you are doing well.

To successfully track clients data and check analytics, use Google analytics. This is what we use at clients oasis and it has proven effective.

A high retention closing rate of clients shows how satisfied they are.


Beyond making profits, satisfying clients with your services and retaining them is the hallmark of great business. Keeping customers satisfied is a win-win affair for clients and the business. Satisfying clients with solutions to their nagging needs will help you have an improved service.

This is achievable through a collection of components that make a whole as discussed above. This makes them happy, causes them to dole out more cash in order to get greater results.

You are on the constant move to satisfy, and you need more clients to fulfil that. Get new clients for your business by following this simple 3-step funnel.

And if you need our support to implement them, schedule a free breakthrough call with one of our business strategists.