Nothing works effectively without a system. You can breathe well because you have a functional respiratory system. Without a good operating system, your Mac won’t work effectively. Everything that functions properly and delivers great value has an underlying system that powers it.

As a coach, consultant or service business owner, you need a great marketing system to be able to attract the right kind of clients.

An effective marketing system can even boost your pricing. A service can go from $500 or $1000, depending on the marketing system on ground. This is because when a business starts out, it is possible give it out at a price lower than its actual value. With an effective marketing system, you should be able to attract the right clients over time, can afford the service at that price. If you offer services that transform the lives of people, the truth is that there is no amount of money that can be commensurate to the value you give. However, you still get paid for the service.

Everyone talks about having an effective marketing system. In fact, according to HubSpot, 75% of businesses believe their marketing system is effective. But you and I know that a marketing system is only effective if gets results – the right clients that you desire. They are right clients because they are willing to pay you what your services are worth…or even more!

The interesting thing is that the steps to building an effective marketing system that gets you result are really not as complicated as some marketing gurus tell you – they are quite simple. But they require consistent work to fine-tune and perfect. When you have a great marketing system running, you will save time, energy…., and money!

There are four….maybe five steps that I believe you can take to build an effective marketing system that gets result.

Let’s get right into it already…

1. Find Out The Needs Of Your Target Market 

Knowing what you are helping people with and how you help them with it, is a great place to start building an effective marketing system.

You have to do a thorough research on how your service is already helping people, the challenges people are going through in accessing such service, and what you can do to help.

For instance, you are a nutrition coach. Your business basically requires you to know a lot about the effect of food on human anatomy and physiology. This should help you develop nutrition and supplement-based programs that will help your clients address their nutrition and health issues.

If you are a financial coach, you need to understand all the financial challenges that your prospects are facing. Get insights from credible surveys on the magnitude of these challenges. Use them to develop actionable strategies that will help your prospective clients.

This applies to any area of specialization. There are growing problems in your target market. You need to find them and create a program that is targeted at solving these specific challenges.

Knowing the needs of your target market, gives you great platform to build a marketing system that is guaranteed to get results. This is because you will be developing solutions that works in your target market. This way, your marketing lands you high ticket clients.

2. Study Your Competition 

There’s likely not going to be a business in the world today that does not have competition.

According to a recent survey carried out by the International Coach Federation, there are approximately 53,300 professional coach practitioners globally. The number has increased from the time of that survey. The competition here is very intense.

You can either see the competition as a nemesis or an advantage. However, to build an effective marketing system, you need to learn more about what your competition is doing right – and wrong as well. That is market intelligence. You incorporate the good ones and use the bad ones to your advantage.

You can start by making a list of all the competition that is doing well in your target market. You can go the extra mile of subscribing to their services, in order to have a direct feel of what they are doing to become successful.

If you can go through all the sales funnel of your competition, do it. Click on the Ad, follow through to the landing page, subscribe to their email list, and see how they follow up prospects and clients. This is important because they have already set a marketing system in motion that has made them successful.

You will learn a lot that can help you build your own effective marketing system, just from going through your competition’s funnel than you would from the purchase of any product or service.

3. Develop a Marketing Strategy 

This is where it gets interesting. It is the pillar that holds an effective marketing system. The first two steps are just preliminaries that lay a foundation for you to build. This is where your marketing system stands.

This is where you properly define your vision, mission and goals. If your objective is to increase your client base by XX%, this is where you give it structure. If you hope to take your business from 4-figures to 5, 6 or maybe 7-figures, this is where you structure it.

A great strategy is not just about setting goals, you also need to map out steps you are going to take in order to achieve them. It is the driver of great marketing results. These steps must be actionable and measurable. You should be able to track your progress as you follow the steps you’ve outlined.

It is also important that your marketing strategy be dynamic. You should be able to tweak it to meet current demands and expectations. If a marketing strategy that is dynamic fails, it is easier to rework it and fix it. This saves time and resources for you. Yes, the process of developing a strategy takes time and resources.

4. Give Out Value 

Having developed a great marketing strategy, you need to begin to give out value based on target audience profile. By this time, you have already determined what the needs of your target clients are. You need to gradually feed them with content that contain valuable information that can help them solve a pressing need.

A very effective way to do this is through a webinar. In your webinar, try to address some pain points of your target audience. Give out so much value that they see you as the one that has the perfect solution to their problem.

Don’t leave any stone unturned in your webinar. Go in-depth and give out your best. This is your best shot at convincing your prospects that you can help them. Take time and honestly address concerns that prospects might raise during the webinar. If there are issues that cannot be handled during the webinar, get them to schedule an appointment with you. This is usually a phone call.

The value you give will determine the kind of result you get. You don’t want to blow that opportunity.

5. Have a Working Enrollment System 

If you have followed all the steps so far, you should have started generating an appreciable number of leads. You are getting ready to take your prospective clients to the point where you enroll them as clients.

Everything you did for your prospect up till this point is based on what you think their challenges are. When they make the first contact with you, you need to get down to them personally. Assess them properly by asking specific questions that will get you the details you want. Find out if you have the solution to their specific needs.

At the enrollment stage, clarity and specifics are important. Have a system in place that properly evaluates these prospects. This could be a script or template of ideal questions you need to ask the prospect at this stage. However, don’t get carried away with the script that you fail to connect with the client.

You can test so many systems and pick the ones that deliver the greatest results.

Time to Get Results From Your Marketing…

As simple as these steps might look, they are not at all easy. They require you to work with them.

Always remember to put the needs of your prospect into consideration while building your system. No marketing system works well, if the need of the target market is not incorporated in it. You will end up doing outbound marketing that yields little or no results

There are no quick fix approaches here. You have to intentionally and consistently apply these steps, if you want your marketing system to deliver incredible results for you.

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