Customer testimonials are a very important marketing tool that delivers great results. They worked over a century ago and they still work today. Whether you’re selling a product or you’re offering a service (in the case of a coach), you need to leverage customer testimonials. It may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works!

In today’s business world where content marketing is king, customer testimonials have gained a lot of traction. According to Dimensional Research, 90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed that it influenced their purchasing decision. This is because they trust the results others say they have gotten, to what you tell them.

Not to be harsh, prospects will take the word of a satisfied client over yours. It’s a human thing. Customer testimonials send a message of trust in your marketing campaign. Customers now have zero tolerance for sleazy marketing tactics. They are tired of marketing tactics that focus on the business and not on them. So, they prefer marketing messages that they can identify with and connect to. Hence, there is a need to prioritize customer testimonials in your marketing campaign.

If you’re ready for this, grab a can of lemonade and let’s go…

Why Do You Need Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing? 

To put all of these in perspective, the following are reasons you should prioritize customer testimonials in your marketing campaigns:

1. They Provide Social Proof 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

Prospects need a high level of assurance that your service delivers the results it promises. They don’t want to be swayed by your marketing antics, they need proof that your solution works. The most effective way for them to get it is through what their peers and other clients say about your service. This is what social proof is about.

According to a Bright Local survey, 90 percent of consumers read up to 10 reviews before they contact a business. Your ideal clients might not come to you if they don’t see proof that you can help them.

One way to provide this proof is by using customer testimonials. The more customer testimonials your prospects see or read, the more convinced they are to opt-in for your services.

2. Customer Testimonials help Prospects Trust You 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

It bears repeating that without trust, it will be difficult for prospects to sign up with you. People only go to businesses they trust for a solution. You can have the best coaching program in the world, but if prospects don’t trust you, they will not subscribe to it.

Testimonials are great in making your prospects trust you, amongst other things.

A study was carried out by Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, on the Impact of Testimonials on Purchase Intentions. The researchers set up two mock e-commerce websites. One of the websites had testimonials while the other didn’t.

It was discovered that the website with testimonials experienced more sales, regardless of the product prices. The testimonials on the website inspired customers’ trust in the products.

As a coach, when customers trust you, they can pay any amount for your services. To win their trust, you need to leverage testimonials.

3. They Tell Compelling Stories 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

There are only a few things that get the attention of prospects like a compelling story. Your business story is a great marketing tool you can use. A tangible part of that story is your customers’ experiences. They tell stories of how your services have transformed their lives and businesses. In their testimonials, stories of the results you helped them get and goals they achieved are shared.

For your customer testimonials to be compelling enough, you need to ask your clients the right questions. There are some of your clients who naturally tell very compelling stories. But, there are others that you need to dig through them for details. A compelling story is not that they came to you and after 6 weeks, they got their results. The testimonial has to be detailed to be able to tell a compelling story. All the processes should be captured in the testimonial. That’s what gets to your prospects.

4. They Appeal to the Emotions of Your Prospects 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

The emotional aspect of your prospects is very critical in attracting them. People are more emotional than logical when it comes to making buying decisions. When your marketing messages get to a prospect, there are tons of emotions that play out. There are so many things going on in their minds. Who is this coach? What do I gain from the service? How am I sure that it works? These are a few of what goes on in the mind of the prospect as your marketing message gets to them.

With a customer testimonial, you can create a personal connection between the prospect and your business. They read stories of people, who had the same issues they have and got solutions. They connect to the solution and indirectly connect to you. It makes your marketing more relatable and convincing.

The truth is that prospects don’t really care about the one thousand and one reasons you give them to become your clients. They relate more with that unbiased client that shared how your service solved their problem. By connecting to the customer testimonial, they connect to your business.

5. It Showcases Your Credibility 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

One of the things customer testimonial does for you is that it projects you as the hero. Before your prospects, you appear like the knight in shining armor that saves the day. They see you as the one person that can help them solve their problems. All of these will be impressed in the heart of your prospect, and you don’t even have to make it about you.

So, rather than boast of your abilities to get clients results, let the customer testimonials do that for you. It helps you showcase credibility before your prospects, and you won’t even have to be the big-mouthed Joe. There are other ways to show how credible you are. But, customer testimonials give you a head start before other measures.

With all the things I’ve mentioned so far, you will experience great results in both lead generation and conversion. This gives your marketing and sales a serious boost. According to Big Commerce, customer testimonials give you a 58% chance of converting a lead. With other effective marketing strategies in place, your chances can rise to 90%. So, your marketing yields better results with customer testimonials.

Types of Customer Testimonials and How to Use Them

It’s important you understand that customer testimonials are of different types. Each one of them has an effective way to use them for the best results in your marketing.

I think you should get another can of lemonade… or, water may be fine.

1. Quote Testimonials 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

This is the most common type of customer testimonial used by most businesses. It displays a positive comment made by a very satisfied customer about your services. As the name goes, the customer is being quoted to have said the words contained in the testimonial.

Quote testimonials are usually accompanied by the image of the customer. This makes the testimonial more relatable and convincing to prospective clients.

A quote testimonial shows that people are satisfied with your services. It tells your prospective clients that your program gets results for your clients. This is communicated in the words of your clients.

Quote testimonials can work for any marketing campaign. You can use it on your homepage and emails. You can also squeeze it into your sales page to give some credibility to the sales verbiage there.

Here’s an example of a quote testimonial from one of our clients:

“The CO team did completely amazing work for me. Right now one of the hardest things in this business is building a system that brings in clients on a steady basis and getting someone who is experienced enough to help you set it up at a fair price. It’s an art and only a few people know this art. And these GUYS are the artisans who know it like the back of their palm. Just last year, I did a little under a million dollars as a result of their program.”

Emmanuel (Manny)

There’s a caveat. Please be sure you have the permission of the client to quote them. Also, make sure that the quote testimonials are genuine and original. Endorsements and testimonials are governed by truth-in-advertising laws. If you fail to follow the laid down procedure, you have the law to contend with.

2. Peer Testimonials 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

There’s an old English proverb that says; “Birds of a feather flock together”. This kind of customer testimonial is used to target prospects who share similar interests. Psychologists call this implicit egotism. This means that people tend to relate to other people who have some resemblance to them. When you hear something from someone you share some form of similarity with, you tend to believe them more.

For instance, a customer testimonial from a business executive will appeal more to another business executive than a small business owner. You could be offering a solution that works for both of them. But you are more likely to attract the business executive using that testimonial.

3. Social Testimonials 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

The great thing about this type of testimonial is that you don’t ask for it. Meanwhile, it comes in handy. All you need is a social media page where your clients can go and express how satisfied or disgusted (I hope you don’t get that though) they are with your service.

These testimonials are very honest and can be trusted easily by potential clients. A satisfied client can easily take out their phone and give your business a very emotional and unrehearsed review.

I would also advise you to engage with these kinds of clients on social media. If their story is compelling enough, like it and share. You can influence millions with that. It may not be targeted, but you’re sure to reach a fraction of your ideal clients with the testimonials.

4. Video Testimonials 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

A video testimonial is a killer any day, any time. Though it takes some effort to get it right, it’s difficult to fake. I see it as the Ferrari of the business world – It takes your business on smooth ride to success. There’s authenticity, trust, and tangibility attached to video testimonials. 

Let me tell you one of the pictures that video testimonials paint in the minds of prospective clients. It tells them you are special and worth hiring. This is because your service delivered so much that a client takes out time to give you a video testimonial. It is that powerful.

As a matter of fact, 52% of the world’s marketing professionals believe that video testimonials have the best results compared to any other type of customer testimonial. That’s according to Copypress, a Florida based Software Company.

5. Long-Form Testimonials (Case Studies) 

Customer Testimonial Marketing

This is usually an article featuring an interview or case study of your best clients. It can come in any format, written or video. In this kind of testimonial, you don’t focus on selling your services. Rather, you focus on how your services helped your client. You can ask questions that help them give more details.

These kinds of case studies can be used in your targeted ad campaigns, webinars or even blog posts. You can also use it on authority publications where your contents are featured.

Start Using Customer Testimonials Today! 

Instead of bothering your head about running marketing campaigns that yield no results, take this great alternative. Leverage on the benefits your clients have already enjoyed using your services to get more clients. Prospects are keener to trust you when they are sure that your program works.

Always remember that customer testimonials give the following benefits

  • They give you social proof
  • They help you build trust with prospects.
  • They tell compelling stories that endear prospects to you.
  • They appeal to your prospect’s emotions
  • They showcase your credibility.

To get help implementing this in your business, click here or use the button below to schedule a breakthrough session. We have a business strategist on our team waiting to talk with you.