Clients come to you for one major reason; to get help for a pressing need!

They are not interested in your professional prowess or your intellectual excellence. All of that means nothing to them if you don’t get results and life-changing outcomes for them through your program.

In order to create outstanding outcomes and deliver awesome results to your clients, your program must contain these 3 components that I will explain below.

1. Have A Step-By-Step System.

In order to get the best results for your clients, your processes of getting results must be distilled into definite steps.

These are not just any kind of steps. They must be steps you have developed, worked on and tested – steps that when applied will help your clients achieve their desired goals.

The steps do not have to be long or cumbersome. They should be as short, simple, and precise as possible.

If you have a life-changing program without actionable steps that your clients can comprehend, you will leave them confused. They could even be more confused than they were prior to coming to your program. The end result becomes a waste of time for both you and the client.

At Clients Oasis, we have distilled ours to 6 steps that have been proven to get results for our clients. These steps are simple and precise. However, they are in no way easy.

A great program without steps is like a Ferrari without tires – it just can’t work.

2. Have A World-Class Support System

As earlier stated, the steps may be simple, but not easy. It is possible that in the process of applying the steps you gave them, they encounter some difficulties. If you are not available to help them when they get stuck, they will not get their desired results.

For your program to help your clients get results, you must put in place a world-class support system to help them along the way. You should be able to always lend a hand to your clients and help them walk through the steps that they find difficult to implement all by themselves.

Having a world class support system boosts the confidence of your client as they apply the steps, knowing that there’s always someone to help them when they get stuck.

3. Offer A Performance-Based Training

When it comes to performance-based training, you want to be sure your clients have the right mindset to achieve results. 95% of the success achieved in business is credited to the mindset, while the work you put in contributes the other 5%.

It now becomes imperative on you to work on the mindset of your clients to allay their fears, self-doubt, overwhelm, and any other limiting emotion. Trust me, even with a distilled step and a world-class support, the wrong mindset will always not yield the desired results.

At Clients Oasis, we have had people go through the first two stages of our program and yet, there were no tangible results. On investigation, we found out that they had mindset problems. We then took them through our performance-based training. We were able to help them get awesome results in a short time – both for themselves and their clients.

Remember, it is not about having a life-changing program, your clients need results. If you spend all the time and resources and put up a great program that lacks these 3 components, you will end up wasting your client’s time……and yours. We have tried them and they have worked for us – and numerous other clients of ours.

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