The success or failure you encounter as a coach or professional service business owner depends on the rhythm and cadence you apply in connecting with your audience. Coaching is continuously in high demand, especially business and lifestyle. Clients want to relate to people that will give them an easier lease on life. They need meaningful interaction and more actionable information with subsequent outstanding results.

The content marketing institute opines that, up to 70% of people would rather gain information about your business through articles, rather than an ad. Ads are polished, and only show the sweet and perfect. Content are raw materials that come with an undertone of what you and your business represent and where you stand on particular subjects. This boils down to one incredible and delicate fact. Your content on the web has a longer shelf life, will reach a larger audience, and will resonate deeper than regular ad campaigns.

Solid content is the key to a stronger marketing muscle. Regardless of your expertise with ads and using all the right channels, if the content isn’t solid, it’s a total waste of time.

As such, your content must be interesting, compelling, educative, informative and rightly targeted!

If you want to separate your business from the competition, your content must be valuable and more in-depth than what clients will get anywhere. Your content should be able to sieve through the sea of people to connect with your ideal clients at various touch points on their journey of purchase.

A prospective client has to consistently digest about 8 pieces of your content, which could come in the form of articles, videos, webinars, etc, before making a buying decision. To get them to that point, your content has to always educate and resonate with their needs.

Below, I will show you how to use your content to build stronger marketing muscles, ensure a boost in your income, and the longevity of your business.

The first step is…

Create Your Business Awareness

Business Awareness


This is basically about spreading the knowledge of your business to reach a wider and ideal audience at the same time. Content marketing helps you hit the right people at the right pain point and at the right time. You’d be in their faces right at the time that they are fishing for information.

Make your content seriously inspire and motivate prospects to know more. Your content should grab attention, pique interests, get prospects curious and push them to take action. Put up concise, but detailed content that positions you as an expert, both in your specific field and your industry in general.

Let’s use a fitness coach as an example. As a fitness coach who wants to put your business out there, your content should border around the following;

  • Webinars that educate your audience and showcase your expertise
  • Guides that show prospects how to pick a fitness coach and what to look out for
  • Articles on wellness and fitness
  • Articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, and webinars educating clients on the newest discoveries on nutrition or new fitness trends, etc

Give On-Point Detail

The client is already interested and wants to know more. It is time to immerse them further by giving them the nitty-gritty details about your products or services, and what they stand to benefit from it. Explain who your services are for, the problems your services are aimed at solving, and start reeling out the solutions you will help them get.

The information you provide about the solutions to their problems should be very detailed. This should include how you intend to solve it. Anticipate possible questions that will pop up, and answer them satisfactorily. Do not give rooms for unanswered “whys”, as not everyone has the patience to reach out directly. This is when they begin to make their buying decision, block out all possible objections.

At this level, you need to put out information to that effect using;

  • Educative Facebook posts
  • Webinars
  • Videos on your processes
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • PDFs
  • Testimonials and feedbacks from clients, etc

Convert Leads to Buyers

Leed to Clients

At this stage, it is essential to create content that will appeal to your prospects and leads, making them pick you over your competition. Also, let them know your charge, terms and conditions. Your content should be understandable and easy for clients to relate to. No hidden charges or underhanded dealings. Your credibility is at stake here.

Also it is very wrong to over bloat your abilities. Better underestimated and over achieve, than overestimated, but can’t deliver. It will place a ton of doubts on every other thing you can do right and you will be left with the burden of proof. In some cases, it may be too late to salvage the situation.

Show them that you have their best interest at heart by the following mediums;

  • Special offers
  • Free training workshops
  • Free breakthrough sessions
  • Free implementation guides, etc

Ensure Clients Satisfaction

Clients satisfaction

It is essential to make sure that at every step in your program, you reassure your new clients that they have made the right decision by coming to you. This feeling should stay with them even as you help them navigate through your programs and services.

Make available welcome packs and easy to understand navigation kits that will help clients get comfortable with your systems. This is one of the major steps on how to begin giving clients value, even before they fully get on board with you. Thinking ahead, anticipating their needs and making adequate preparation to that effect shows that you care for them.

  • Get them to talk to you, so that you can make personal assessments
  • Send them a welcome mail
  • Create guide or tutorial posts
  • Add them to your clients’ community or forum, so they can relate with other clients, etc

Keep Them

At this point, they are already part of your program. Do not rest on your oars; else you will lose them to perceived better opportunities. You even have more work now, because you have to leverage, sustain, upgrade and be consistent. Don’t stop engaging the client because you closed the deal. Continue giving value.

Keep the client by retaining the clients’ lifetime value through maintaining a continuous, beneficial and rewarding relationship.

Keep old clients and get new ones by continuously providing value through;

  • FAQs
  • Updated blog articles
  • Training workshops
  • Webinars
  • Facebook content
  • Services and programs update
  • New PDFs that address more current problems, etc

The Referrals

When your clients are completely satisfied with the results you help them get, they become your business advocates and recommend you without hesitation. They do not hold back from sharing their great experience with others, just like in the case of a bad experience. Your best clients will help you because you have helped them. They will carry on the torch and look out for like-minded people who have the same problems, referring them to your program.

Your clients will take the form of goodwill ambassadors when you give them a unique experience that is signature to your business only. A signature experience is like an aphrodisiac, which has a hold on the client and never let go, no matter the price. 

Let me tell you a secret about quality signature services and referrals that clients won’t tell you. Often times, your competition will spring up with similar services that look so enticing on the surface, at lower rates. Clients may secretly go behind you to patronize the competitors’ business.  This is where your signature experience stands you out.

They cannot get your level of comfort with the other one; and they realize that everything portrayed is hogwash! They sneak back to you, with disciples behind them, not minding your charge. Have you ever experienced this?

This is what a great and unique client experience can do. Remember! An aphrodisiac that has a hold on the client and never let go!

So, get this…

To command and capture the unwavering attention and active interest of your audience, you need to connect and engage with them. Not just connecting, make it valuable by regularly releasing viable content that will bring about dramatic results and positive outcomes. Boost your client base through solid content marketing.

Marketing through content is more long-term than immediate. It is a space to grow your community through helpful and usable information. Make yourself resourceful to clients looking to solve major life problems.

If you enjoyed this piece and need our support through the implementation, schedule a breakthrough call with a member of our team.