Have ever imagined your coaching business being super-successful and scaling to millions or even multiples of millions? It’s all possible with the right mind-tools, if you know how to use them.

Maybe you’ve managed to get your business to 5-figures and you have this air of great achievement going on. You can afford to pay your bills, get your kids Ivy League education, or even a quarterly vacation to some of the best tourist attractions in the world. So you switch to a relaxed mode.

The truth is that you need to have the right mind-tools if you are going to take your coaching business to 6, and then 7-figures.

So many coaches are like prisoners in their coaching business. They are locked up and are regimented to revolve around a particular income range. They don’t see bigger possibilities for their business. They are satisfied with the little success they have achieved in business.

As much as I appreciate your level of success, I believe there’s more you can achieve in business. So, here are some mind tools that can take your business from where it is now to a super-successful business.

1. Master Your Emotions

Your coaching business can crash if you don’t put your emotions in check. Your emotions can’t be up and down every day. Today, you are driven to achieve success, the next you want to pack up. One minute you are fired up, the next you are deflated. This kind of emotional imbalance makes you very unstable. It affects your productivity and dips your energy level.

You need to stay positive with your expectations – both for your business and your clients. Don’t allow issues that are not business related cloud your emotions. You need to know that business is business.

For instance, if you are going through a divorce, that can be a huge emotional period for you. Chances are that you begin to let it get to you like it shouldn’t. You might even be making a lot of bad business decisions due to your emotional situation. I know someone who pulled out funds set aside for marketing purposes just to fight his ex-wife in court. So you see how bad business decisions can be made due to emotional imbalance.

I get it. Stuff happens to put us in a very bad emotional state. You have to learn how to master your emotions to be effective in taking your business to record success level. It’s hard and can be an intensive process, but it’s necessary. It is essential if your business must scale.

Effective Mind-Set

One of the ways I deal with my emotions is to stay calm. This is because when I follow the leading of my emotions, I end up making my situation worse. The truth is that our best decisions are made when we are calm.

As you build your business, there are a lot of uncomfortable situations you would encounter. When you are calm, you can always find the best possible way out of them. This is because you think clearly, evaluate thoroughly, and make the most reasonable decisions when you are calm.

Having control over your emotions is not easy, I admit. Once in a while, we snap and lose our cool. But, you can make conscious efforts towards mastering your emotions. Find what helps you deal with your emotions and practice it.

It could be going for a run. Or getting to the top floor and having a closer look at the sky. Yours might be reading a book that distracts you from your emotional troubles. For you, it could be hitting the gym. Whatever works for you, do it like a ritual. Over time, you will develop it as a habit.

Having control over your emotions ensures you make the right decisions that move your business forward.

2. Never Dwell on Problems, Focus on Solutions

Problems are inevitable. Whether you are starting out or you’ve made inroads into your business, you encounter problems from time to time. It’s part of running a business. For some businesses, it’s cash flow. For others, it’s staff transitions. Whatever be the case, we all have problems springing up every now and again.

When you dwell on problems, they get bigger and grow larger than our perspectives. They appear insurmountable in our minds. The result of this is a feeling of overwhelm. It is distracting and a waste of energy.

Rather than dwelling on problems, focus on getting a solution fast. That’s how successful business owners think. The faster you get a solution for the problem, the less impact it has on your business.

Here’s the thing: Your mind has the ability to focus on one thing at a time. Focusing your mind on problems gives room for negative thoughts to grow. This opens the door for worry, fear, and self-doubt to step in. All these contribute to compounding the problem you have. When this happens, you lack the strength and the will to move forward in business.

On the flip side, focusing on the solution actively engages your mind to resolve the problem. It gives you little time for negative thinking. Hence, you remain positive, which is essential for business growth. With this mindset, the only thing that matters is solving the problem and moving on.

I have to say this, problems don’t solve themselves. Again, you shouldn’t expect others to solve your problems for you. The best anyone can do for you is offer help. The responsibility to find a solution rests on your shoulders. Taking the initiative to find solutions to your problems helps you get the outcome that you desire.

So, if you want to build a super-successful business, learn to focus on solutions and not dwell on problems.

3. Use Your Time Wisely

To build a successful business, you must value your time. As a matter of fact, time is the most valuable asset you have as a business owner. You have to manage your time to achieve more. You can’t afford to waste time on things that do not contribute to your business growth. There are tasks that you can no longer spend your time doing. You need to devise time management strategies that help your business growth.

Timely Task Segmentation

The first thing you should know is that you can’t be the one doing everything and expect to take your business to the multi-million dollar space. There’s a limit to what you can do by yourself as your business grows. Doing almost everything can fly at startup, but it won’t take you far. You can’t be a multi-million dollar business owner when you’re stuck at your desk every day doing everything.

To build a multi-million dollar business, you need a team. Yes, you need other people to help you shoulder some responsibilities. The time you spend on calls or other regular stuff, you can channel it to planning and strategizing your business for further growth. At this point, it is no longer about making the first dollar; it is about building a multi-million dollar business.

When you’re starting out, the value of time may be low. But as your business grows, the value of time grows with it. Your business shouldn’t take all your time forever. Yes, you need to devote quality time to your business, but there are other aspects of your life that demand your time. So, get a team of people that can help you take your business to outstanding success. You need to bring in people who share a passion with you and are driven to succeed. This way, you can focus on your most important tasks and delegate the rest to them.

One of the challenges coaches have is to know when they are ready to get a team together. Well, there’s no ideal time to get a team together. But, once you get your business up and running and put in structures in place, it’s fine to get a team together. This can happen a few months or years into the business. Once the business is standing enough to bear the cost of hiring staff, don’t hesitate.

The interesting thing about working with a great team is that it raises your growth speed. As much as a great team helps you manage your time, it also helps your business to grow faster. Once you have the right people on board, you have a smooth sail to building a super-successful business.

4. Never Succumb to Limiting Beliefs

Belief is a very strong thing. It’s the reason people do or don’t do things. A strong belief is what makes a terrorist go all out and blow up places and themselves. It’s the belief in the American dream that makes immigrants do whatever they can to get into America. They believe in the wealth of opportunities that abound in America. They believe in the American dream. So, they are ready to do whatever it takes to get into America.

On the flip side, some people have never attempted certain things because they believe they won’t succeed at it. It’s either they see it as way too dangerous or impossible. My sister has never gone swimming before. She has this strong belief that she would drown if she attempted it. We’ve said and tried everything, but she won’t dare dip a foot in a pool. This became a limiting belief and today, she can’t swim.

A lot of business owners are like that. They lots of limiting beliefs they’ve allowed to hold them back. It has kept their business at a standstill – revolving about the same point. They don’t believe that they can build a very successful business. They see it as way too ambitious. So, they get stuck where they are.

In some of these cases, it may not be as a result of the responsibility it puts on them. They have allowed fear and overwhelm to mess with their head. This makes them fidget at the thought of building a multi-million dollar business.

For instance, there’s this client of ours (and we’ve had quite a good number of them) that struggled with closing sales. When we talked with her the first time, we realized that she believed she can’t sell. She doesn’t see the possibility of closing any sale in her mind. We took her through our mindset coaching program. We made her see that she is not just selling; she is giving out great value. She began to see that her program changes the lives of people. That delivered her from that limiting belief. Today, she enjoys closing sales and her business is growing pretty fast.

You need to identify any belief that is putting a peg on your progress and deal with it. Replace it with thoughts of possibilities. See yourself a multi-million dollar coach or business owner in your mind’s eye. What you believe works for you. If you believe that you can grow your business into the millions, then you can achieve it.

Ready to Be a Super-Successful Business Owner?

I guess you are. Why wouldn’t you desire it? But it goes beyond the desire; you need to align your mind to begin to see yourself as one. I read an article on Inc.com titled “Millionaires Think Differently (And You Should, Too)”. If you believe you’re a super-successful business owner, it will inform your decisions and actions. It will change the way you run your business. It will give you the drive to do what it takes to achieve that feat in business.

So, your mindset is important. The mind tools you need, once again, are:

  • Mastering your emotions. Don’t let them determine the decisions you take while running your business.
  • Focus on solutions, rather than dwelling on problems.
  • Use your time effectively. Your time is your most valuable asset.
  • Crush every limiting belief. If you believe your business can grow into the millions, you can achieve it.

With the right mindset, you can build a super-successful business.

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