If you’re confused about where you stand in the coaching business, then you’re in the right place. A lot of coaches decide one day that they want to get into the business and boom, they are in. They strategize on how to get new clients, pursue it aggressively — while banking only on the fact that persons told them that they were great at offering solutions. Yet, it takes more than sitting in a café, ruminating on some little problems and working it out.

In the coaching business, you will face life issues which your ICF certifications didn’t prepare you for. And you need to offer solutions, because these clients trust in you. They are not your aunts and little nephews who scraped a knee, but the general public. People who come from different orientation, beliefs and background out of your circle. Your training and gut intuition will be your saving grace.

Unfortunately, getting into the coaching business is an easy one. Wake up, hang a signage in front of your house, and people show up. There is no regulation for coaching yet, a problem plaguing the coaching industry now. Only few places like Colorado makes coaches register and pay $150 a year. Even though coaching is not a regulated profession yet. But how do we distinguish the seasoned coach from the unseasoned coach?

Let’s look at a few angles.

1. Everyone Has the Natural Ability to Coach

Truth is that, everyone has the natural ability to coach. We’ve all been at that place at some point in our lives. Family members or friends calling you to seek for some kind of advice. You had even helped get them out of a fix, a few times.

You sit with a family member, hear their stories and pull a solution from your head or gut feelings. You may have also related it to what you would do in the same situation, which is not always accurate. Because every situation is unique. Yet, the results were positive and you felt that your advice was gold.

But here is the question, do you have a method? Distilled steps and experience to be consistent in producing results? Are you well equipped to take on paying clients and meet their expectations? I don’t think so! You are not at all in the slightest bit ready to take on the public.

If you go ahead to offer your services to the public without any trainings, it will be at your peril. You begin to record poor results, because you have no adequate training. Then you start getting frustrated and the beliefs start popping up. Either you feel that you are a bad coach, or the field is not for you. Worse is you could go telling yourself that no one makes a living from coaching.

The sincere truth is that you have the strong passion to coach. But have not gone through the grueling process of becoming a coach. You lack the skills, methods and business acumen of a seasoned coach. There is still a lot of hurdle you have to cross and trainings to receive to become a seasoned coach.

2. The Costly Pristine Distinction of a Seasoned Coach

Seasoned coaching is very distinct. It employs broad methods that build leadership skills in a person. This in no way resembles consulting, mentoring, therapy or even training. It is a journey that tears you apart. It harvests your personal and seasoned strength. Yet, overhauls you to create resilient and lasting values and beliefs. Only these are potent enough for life turning and changing decisions.

There are some pristine values that set the seasoned coach apart. Far beyond the reach of the unprofessional coach. First is that the seasoned coaches are the peoples change agents. They are also growth agents, in personal lives and businesses.  They work with distilled and proven methods, which comprise results oriented steps. A seasoned coach follows the code of conducts laid down and recognized by the ICF.

The coach understands that, by accepting a client and taking payment, they are under contract to deliver high value services for the price they charge. Of course, almost every coach began an unseasoned coach. But over time they made a move to level up and are the best.

Seasoned coaches make a handsome living from the business. They get paid for their costly and skilled expertise. Jumping into coaching without the right training dents the business. This is because the outcomes you help your clients get are always never long term. There is no sustainable method, or support system to see implementation through.

Sustainable transformation can only happen when you have a process that works. In the absence of these, you will encounter fear and self-depreciation in business. The best thing you can do if you have a passion for coaching is to get seasoned training!

3. Time You Paid a Seasoned Coach to Drill You professionally

Good news! Getting seasoned coaching training is not that difficult these days. It is available to you in form of personal certified coaches. You can also train online, through webinars and even degree courses. All you need is your motivation in full gear and some cash. You will spend between a few hundred bucks to several thousands of dollars. But the end does justify the means.

Look out for ICF (international coaching federation) accredited and seasoned coaches or schools. The ICF is the largest coaching body in the world, and their certified coaches are distinct from the pack. This is because they went through a grueling process to get certified. Pick a coach that is vast in your field of interest, pay them their well-deserved rate and get in their programs. Trust, me, you will come out well equipped to take on coaching challenges in your market.

The Benefits of Being a Seasoned Coach

The benefits you stand to gain as a seasoned coach are overwhelming. You will become resourceful to your clients and a beacon of hope. Below are some of the most outstanding ways you can benefit your clients as a seasoned coach.

1. Provision Of Strong Support And Sound Advice

As a seasoned coach, your business puts you in the best position to provide strong support system and sound advice to clients. You are a can of wisdom when it comes to making some bold smart business moves.

You will help your clients see things more objectively or provide capable hands when it comes to strategic planning and goal orientation. By the virtue of your training, you are the best at conflict management, personal development, communication skills, etc.

2. Confidence Boost And Leadership Qualities

As a seasoned coach in the real sense, you have found yourself and know who you are. You have reached a certain level of self-awareness and attained confidence.

You will help your clients blast through their fears, raise confidence and kill overwhelm. You will prepare them to take charge and be in control of their business and environments. You have all the attributes to make you clients come out of their shells to be the best they can be and succeed while at it.

3. Insights Into Fresh Perspectives

As a seasoned coach, you will have the opportunities to open the eyes of your clients to new perspectives of a situation. This is very important especial when clients feel at a dead end. Only being a seasoned prepares you for this.

As a seasoned, you become innovative and think on your feet and this is key in successful coaching. You will make your clients consistent and value driven, pointing their eyes to opportunities… which they would have otherwise skipped.

You will clamor for the efficiency and productivity of your clients, boosting their morale, causing their growth and scaling their business.

4. A Staunch Navigation Towards The Future

As a seasoned coach, you will help your clients navigate towards the future personally and business wise. You are fully equipped and abreast of changes that go on in your clients market and you will help them embrace it.

You will steer your clients through phases of change and help them maximize their potentials. With your programs, the will go out there and make business breakthroughs for long term. This is because you have equipped them through the use of distilled steps and methods which give dramatic and sustained results for the long term.

My Final words…

This is not aimed at pulling down the unprofessional coach in favor of the seasoned coach. But we must say the truth. If you think something is worth doing, then do it well. If you must get into the coaching business, get well prepared for it. This is for the benefits of you and your clients.

This is because you will be duly equipped to provide strong support and give sound advice, boost their confidence… opening their eyes to see fresh perspectives and navigate them towards the future.

If you have no seasoned training, you cannot give your clients any such asset. Sooner or later, you’d give up from frustrations. And your clients will go on to believe that the coaching business is a faulty one, which is not true. This puts a dent on the coaching profession. Coaching works and we get results, as long as we take the right route.

If you having formal training and getting short term results, you are an unprofessional coach. You do not know the nitty-gritty of what it takes to get transformational results yet. Get the professional help you need and you’d be better for it.

If you need help becoming a seasoned coach, schedule a breakthrough call with one of our professional coaches here.