Dear coach, do you know that you are your best investment? Developing yourself is a path of personal greatness and a way to be your best. Personal development is one thing that is not understood by many. But this is one of the sanest and apt decisions you can make for yourself.

A lot of coaches aim for high professional ratings which makes them one of the most sought after. They take every training there is and get every certification available. But in their personal lives, they are a mess. Your success as a coach is a combination of your personal and professional stability.

Self-development is an exotic recipe at the moment for everyone who matters. Coaches, consultants, industry leaders and service business owners seek it. They have come to understand that self-development helps you align your life goals. It helps you get proactive, instead of waiting for something to happen.

This is not a journey you can take alone, as you need a coach to hold your hands. The coach will dig into your life and help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and fears. Kill your self-doubt, boost your self-esteem and overhaul other areas of your life.

The benefits will lead you into a realm of personal fulfillment and the excellent lifestyle. These benefits are what we will discuss in this article. Keep reading!

Benefit 1: It Enhances Your Self Awareness

According to the legendary C.G.Jung, “your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 

The first step of self-development is self-awareness. This is a journey into who you are for real. You will reevaluate and scrutinize your values, purposes, and beliefs which you live by. This will help you understand if you lived your dreams all this while or followed others. You will learn to tailor your life according to your principles. These principles will help you chase your own goals and objectives.

Chasing your own goals and staying on your designed path brings more fulfillment and pleasure. This pleasure further heightens when you reach your destination as a successful being. It brings you into a deeper knowledge of who you are and your ideals.

One truth is that, each waking day, you get an inspiration and message about what you want from life. But often times, you ignore this message because you are not self-aware. In the process, you lose a great chance to learn, improve and propel yourself further.

It is no surprise that many great coaches are at the peak of their careers. But they cannot point straight up, what they want from life. This is because, all their lives, they missed the messages and feedback essential to their personal development. This may be your case too.

Stay vigilant and in tune with yourself to be sensitive enough to pick these messages. How do I pick the messages, you may ask?  They come in waves of feelings and contrasts. This range from your likes or dislikes towards something. Your disposition towards a situation and how you can effect a change.

This will push you to question yourself on what you want and how you can make it better. You will seek to know the steps you can take and changes you can make, given the resources. You would also understand how you will react to a certain level of power or if you possessed certain skills.

The summary here is that, if you do not give commitments to your own self-development, and do not have a grasp of your self-awareness… you will take on every problem as yours, draining and overstretching yourself in the process. But when you are self-aware, you will focus your strength on issues that help you develop yourself and give your life a better quality.

Benefit 2: It Reinforces Your Sense of Direction

The great Sebastian Faulks Engleby says, “What’s my direction? Somewhere, because the more you move, the nearer you get.”

After self-awareness, comes a strong sense of direction. It is easier for you to make sound decisions for yourself. You will be deliberate about sieving things you do. What you always spent the bulk of your time on becomes irrelevant to you.

If they don’t serve a purpose in your life, if they don’t align with your goals and objectives, you will spare them no time. You become clearer about the things you want to achieve from life.

When your sense of direction is clear and defined, you would spot and eliminate anything which does not take you in that direction with ease. But a lot of people make a mistake here. They feel having a sense of direction is the addition of extra goals.

They believe the more they take on, the better they achieve. But this is not the truth, instead you over load yourself with irrelevant activities that you don’t need.

Your goals should lessen your workload if well set, while improving the quality of your activities. Goals let you know what you should focus on and what you shouldn’t. That is where the sense of direction comes from. A sense of direction will help you aim your goals, do less and do them better. 

I will establish the statement above by introducing the Pareto Principle, which in a round off explains that, “only a small number of the things we do (20%), brings the biggest rewards. The remaining 80% of our actions bring in the trickles of rewards.

In summary, a sense of direction enforces your ability to handle quality and not quantity. This will help you do less and do better, rather than investing your time in too many things at the same time.

Benefit 3: An Improvement in Effectiveness and Focus

It is important to stay true to yourself, but always be open to learn.

With a defined sense of direction, focus comes to the fore and prioritization becomes easier. There is clarity and your objectives are straight and grounded. You will get wiser about what you can do to get the best results with the resources at your disposal.

This is because your ability to be effective banks on leveraging on your strength. But beware! Obstacles will come and can cause a distraction in your focus. And this happens when irrelevant activities begin to look more appealing   ̶   shadowing the benefits of things important to your growth.

As such, set realistic timelines to be more effective. This keeps you in focus and makes you more productive. This is a way to guard you against meandering. Your deadlines must be realistic, I insist, because to the contrary… you will plague yourself with pressure and stress which will decrease your productivity and throw you off track.

Focus and effectiveness is a continuous journey that never ends. As you go, your goals and their values become clearer. You will begin to see each prioritized action for its true value, reinforcing your need to do only what matters.

To wrap it up, your effectiveness and focus helps you see each project as a step in your continuous journey to self-development. The merits begin to pull at you, making the desire and tendency to get distracted lessen. You will see the beauty in imperfection and the irrelevance of perfection… because all that matters is the fact that you and your work are making progress.

Benefit 4: An Increased Motivation

Here is one truth, opportunity does not knock. It shows itself only when you beat down the door. This is according to Kyle chandler.

Being clear about what you want to achieve prompts you and makes it easier to take action. This is regardless of the fact that good things don’t come easy. The actions you take may not be enjoyable, but the benefits become your motivation.

Your will becomes stronger when you are progressive on your journey of self-development. The journey is continuous and with each day, the goal becomes clearer and the price nearer. Visualizing this is what builds up your motivation to keep up. It is power, it is a force and it is propelling.

Of course, the feeling that your goals are impossible to achieve will come. The future looks so huge and you feel that you cannot reach your goal. This is an obstacle that you can blast through, if you come to an in-depth understanding of what your goals are.

Truth is, your goals are a large formation of your process. Hence, your motivation should make you take the first steps. This is just like building a castle. The end plan is to build a formidable fortress, but the most motivation comes from laying the first stone, consistently, until the last stone gets laid.

Your real goals are the steps you need to take each day to get to the end point. Only these steps can get you there and if the will to take these steps are not there, the end goal is not accomplished. So, the end goal is not what you should worry about, but taking each step. That is where you need your motivation.

Finish a step, focus on what you need to do next, occasionally check on the progress you made and keep moving. Motivation centers on building the will to reach your goal. But it mainly lies on taking the first step, because the end justifies the means.

Benefit 5: Healthier Relationships

Allan Rufus says, “Your life consists mainly of three things   ̶   what you think, say and do. Hence, be conscious of what you co-create.”

Relationships have the ability to either make or mar you. They are double edged swords which will cut on both sides without hesitation. Self-development helps you screen and choose your relationships. You know which to detach from and how to be more valuable to the ones you keep.

Lacking the zeal to self-develop makes you nonchalant about the kinds of relationships you keep. You will mostly keep relationships that have no impact in your life anyway. You will end up with parasitic relationships rather than symbiotic. They go as they come, without any of you being the better for it.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a huge difference between being friendly and being a friend. Be friendly with everyone as courtesy demands, but create a boundary. Learn to distinguish those whom you’re friends with from those whom you’re friendly with. Else, you will give and invest your time in the wrong people.

On the journey of self-development, you will ensure that your relationships are symbiotic (beneficial). Traveling on your journey with persons of like mind is a huge step in self-growth.

Cultivate relationships with only people who leave a positive mark on your life. Your growth will thank you for it.

Life is like a game of chess, and if you want to win, you have to make a move!

As a coach who wants to attain a balanced success, you have to make that move. It is very crucial to your growth as a coach and business owner. This centers on committing to make the most treasured investment in you. The subsequent rewards are true and amazing.

You will get self-aware, be more focused and effective with a sharp sense of direction. Your relationships will become healthier and your clients will get the best of you.

Although, these results are not measurable at a given, and it makes lots of people shy away from it. But the most successful and greatest achievers in life understand its importance. You will build self-confidence beyond shatter, handle yourself better, and give your clients the best.

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