Chances are you’re reading this because you want to know the secrets of confident coaches. As a coach, excellence in your business and with your clients is the watchword. The end goal gears towards becoming a master in your business. So much that, you feel on top of your game all the time.

You want to be resourceful to clients, capable with employees and in total control. You also desire to create a clear connection between your coachee and your gut feeling.

These are achievable with the awe-inspiring and solid attributes of a confident coach. But what are these habits and how do you implement them in your business?

This is what we will discuss in this article. Read on!

1. You Are Valuable: Acknowledge It

Attributes of a Confident Coach

The first solid attribute you must exhibit as a confident coach is to acknowledge your value. This is not an easy level of confidence to attain. But as you grow in business, be very deliberate and conscious of your worth.  Be proud of the needs you solve and how you get outstanding results for your clients. Always stand by the value of coaching and your value as a coach.

During my days in high school, I was the youngest and tiniest in my class. Without sounding boastful, I held the number 2 spot of the 3 most intelligent students in the whole of sciences. But of course, I faced a lot of bullying from classmates bigger than me. I wanted acceptance so much from them, that I almost took my intellect for granted.

Prior to exams, they’d ask me where I would sit for the day. I became their help during exams, as they’d all seat around me for answers. Once the exams were over, we went back to default settings of bullying. They were 5 girls making my life so miserable. I taught them during exams and did other stupid services at my own expense. My grades started dropping because I was emotionally drained, until my dad found out.

He told me that I was the reason why these girls moved to the next class at all. I was so valuable to them that they could not do without me during exams. Why do I want to be friends with such people? That I deserved better and should do better with my choices. That was my awakening!

I stopped seeking for approval and began to move and study on my own. I became unavailable to them, even during exams, as I’d walk in, few minutes to start time. I recognized that I am valuable; I will show my light and acknowledge it. I stopped shrinking for anybody to shine and I only helped if you respected my time. Today, I am one of the boldest persons, while the girls are now lifelong friends.

So, back to our talk… As a coach, you’re an anchor and a beacon to every client you handle. You hold the space for clients while propelling them into emotional and full thinking beings. Your job is to dredge out what’s hovering in the subconscious. And lastly, hold the clients hand as they take action to blast through their fears.

This will lead clients to professional and personal growth at the end of your program. The all-round growth you help others attain is the biggest value there is. This is because; human management is the toughest job on earth. If you are successful in managing another human being with amazing results to show. You have the Midas touch!

Coaching helps clients discover their strengths and how to leverage it. As a confident coach, you should recognize this value, acknowledge it and never take it for granted.

2. Your Expertise is Solid: Trust It

Attributes of a Confident Coach

Many a time, we’ve been at that place where we felt we didn’t do well enough. Even if the results come out stellar, you believe you could’ve done more. This is not unusual, it happens to the best of us. As a coach, this feeling will pop up often and on. Perhaps, you didn’t ask the right questions in your talk with the client. Maybe you missed some clues while the client talked or you didn’t dig deep enough with the client.

Sometimes, you may think the solution you gave the client was not the best you could do. Worse, you could begin to believe that you are not good enough. Or coaching is not for you at all; even when clients let you know how much you helped them. This is self-doubt creeping in and if you are not careful, you’d lose sight of you own expertise.

This is because, you would channel all your thoughts, attention and resources looking for the skills you lack   ̶   while losing grasp of your unique expertise.  It waters down your trust in your expertise, and this affects your work productivity. How then do you focus on giving your clients the best when you’re stuck with your own internal struggle? This is a common plague associated with most coaches.

Truth is that, in everyone, there is something special and unique. Varying strengths and talents that one cannot overlook. And when you hone these strengths, you are unstoppable. All grounded coaches have a market where their strengths are relevant, so do you. Life coaching, spiritual, fitness, business coaching, etc. Find a market where you can hone, blend and use your strength the most effectively.

Draw from all the experiences you have and integrate them as you communicate with your clients. Be very optimistic about your business and let it reflect in your programs. Let your natural talents flow together with your coaching training. When they make a perfect blend, you will have no reason to doubt yourself.

For instance, you could be a very good listener, bring it into your coaching. You could be an expert at picking body language, apply it to your coaching. You may be the one person no one can tell a lie to because you are good at drilling people.

Convert that into effective questioning techniques in your coaching. Confident coaches channel their energies into what they are great at and this is what makes them unique. Your expertise is a combination of the professional training you received and your innate talents. Trust it, be confident about it, it’s valuable.

3. Practice Presence

Attributes of a Confident Coach

A great trait of a confident coach is the ability to clear the mind and be present with the client. This is an innate habit for some. But for others, it takes a lot of practice and conscious honing. You should learn to shut down the voices in your brain and create a space for your client. It is not about you at the moment, but the client who owns the stage. This will help you connect with clients at a deeper level, and respond to them with intuition.

Practicing presence is the only way that you can handle your client with an open and blank mind. This may mean taking short breaths and strolls before you get in with a client. For me, I take some minutes off to close my eyes and meditate quietly. This helps me clear my head and get ready to take on a task. It may be different for you, as everyone is diverse and unique. But regardless of what your methods are, inculcate the habit of practicing presence.

If you decide to begin a coaching program with your clients, but have noises in your head… your coaching meeting with the client will be another item off the rack. There will be nothing unique about it. Mind you, these are things we cannot help sometimes.

Everything runs through your mind at the same time. Things like your to-do list, ideas for the meeting, and emails to check or even outcomes from previous clients.

Be deliberate about clearing your mind every day, and it will always come easy to you. This brings upon you a heavy dose of confidence. And this helps you perform at your best.

4. Hone and Apply Your Curiosity

Attributes of the Confident Coach

Develop a mindset of learning and new possibilities. Be eager and willing to explore new perspectives. Seek to know more and aim to be better. This is applicable to new coaches and those in business for many years. You can also bring your curiosity into your training and programs with clients.

But getting more knowledge and refining your techniques should not get all your focus, even as this will make you better coach. Opportunity to learn something new will always come up. Rather, learn to put your curiosity at work with your clients. It will help you understand how you are doing as a coach and how much impact you make on your client. It can be so enlightening, helpful and rewarding to the coach.

To be a confident coach, your curiosity needs to go up one more notch. Continue to learn about yourself and the extent of your strengths. Learn about, reaffirm and refine your values daily, dig deeper into the uniqueness of your clients.

Bore into your goals, missions, and visions and reevaluate your cadence. In the course of doing this, you will get more creative and collaborative with clients. You will work out better and more result oriented methods.

Curiosity is a way to build confidence in yourself as a coach, because you came to an in-depth understanding of what you are about. Your curiosity helps you drum up new ideas, perspectives, discoveries and thoughts for better coaching. You don’t take yourself at face value and you do the work to deliver great results for clients.

Curious coaches ask themselves questions like;

Would this approach be effective?

What does this client really want to achieve and how can I come through?

Can I get better results if I adopt these methods?

Does this training have the potential to make me a better coach?

Am I at a point where I need a coach myself?

Curiosity makes you have a genuine interest in what happens with you and around you. This further opens the possibility of growth for you, which impacts your clients.

Are you ready to become that confident coach you aspire to be?

Then first off, acknowledge your value and trust your expertise. Don’t ever allow self-doubt shrink your confidence by making you think you are not good enough. It is not always easy to have this utmost level of confidence in yourself. Because, experiences and clients will test your confidence as long as you’re in the business. You trained for this and you are unique with talents, occupy your space.

The next thing to do is practice presence and be very curious. This is an all-rounder confident coach starter pack. These are awe-inspiring solid attributes of successful and powerful coaches. And it all begins from the mindset.

The confident coach is an unbeatable one, because they’ve got it all covered!

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